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888’s record revenues for the 4th quarter of 2011

888 Holdings, an iGaming operator unveiled some good news after releasing their financial results for the 4th quarter of 2011 that showed a record 28% increase in revenues over last year as well as a 6% increase in revenues over the previous quarter to hit $91 million.


888’s business-to-consumer operations has undoubtly led to this success after experiencing a 32% rise in revenues over last year’s operations and a 7% increase over the previous quarter’s to $79 million according to 888 themselves. This was followed by the record braking $331 million in total revenues for the full year.


The business-to-consumer casino operation for the three month period swelled by 34% over last year and 11% over the previous quarter to hit $42 million ‘driven by strong customer recruitment and retention’. 888 also revealed that their business-to-consumer poker business rose by 76% over last year and 2% over the previous quarter to hit $19 million ‘driven by the continuing success of the Poker 6 platform and effective customer retention activities’.


Brian Mattingley, 888’s Deputy Chairman stated that “we are delighted with 888’s strong performance over the last year and in particular the fourth quarter.”


“Fourth quarter revenues were the highest on record and represent five consecutive quarters of revenue growth. Strong trading was led by an excellent performance in our business-to-consumer casino and poker and is the successful result of an increased strategic focus on our core competencies and the stand-out success of Poker 6.


“Current trading in January continues to be strong and the forthcoming launch of our exciting new casino product provides yet another compelling offer for our loyal customer base. We believe our focused strategy, aligned with the selective business-to-business approach, will continue to drive growth in 2012.”


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