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ActionPokerNetwork – online poker software to the iGaming industry

Online poker is one of the fastest growing leisure activities in the world. It’s also a golden opportunity to take a game of chance and skill and turn it into a safe, legitimate and lucrative business. Whether you are a poker enthusiast or simply an entrepreneur aware of the legitimate and profitable business opportunity that awaits you, we are here to help. One of the biggest benefits of signing up with ActionB2B is that we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. We do this by not only providing you with support 24 hours a day, but by giving you world-class marketing tools as well. Our experienced management team will help you elevate your business to the next level. We have a trusted reputation of exceeding and consistently providing quality service in a timely manner.

Money making Products – for you
Whether you are a Licensed Casino, a Bar Owner, a Poker Club Manager or you manage online Affiliates – we have the marketing tools for you. So get ahead of your competition right now and check out our ActionStations, ActionCards, ActioniCafé and our award-winning, brand new Marketing ToolBox – the ActionMTB!

An ActionStation is a specially designed online Poker Terminal that runs on the proprietary Action Poker Network software. The machine has multiple game offerings, including 25 casino games, table games, slot machines and of course online poker. It enables casinos and regulated gaming premises to tap into the online gaming revenue cash flow, by extending the reach outside the casino floor.

The ActionStation is designed specifically for attracting poker players in typical land-based gaming environments, but the company is working hard to obtain street operating licenses which will enable operating in any public location. Applications have been placed in several jurisdictions.

The ActionCard is a proprietary pre-paid cashcard that the customer may use to fund his online player account or to put money in an ActionStation Terminal, or an iCafé solution. Cards are issued in different denominations and currencies.

ActionCards can be sold anywhere, but typically the most common places to find ActionCards are premises already hosting the ActionStation, the Action iCafé, or someone operating as an ActionAgent.

However, if you are a shop owner – and you have a customer base prone to gambling, you may very well sign up as an ActionAffiliate and start selling the ActionCards so that you can earn additional revenue when the customer goes home and plays off his home computer.

Action iCafe

Action iCafé is a purpose built client especially intended for the Internet café environment. It has all the benefits and promotions of the online client, but has a simplified signup screen and also offers alternative deposit and cash out mechanisms, depending on the requirements of the given jurisdiction.

The Action iCafé is managed by the individual partners themselves through the ActionMTB back office software. Players who sign up via the iCafé is owned by the partner for life, and you will continue to make revenue from that player even if he stops playing at your location and goes home to play online.

The iCafé software can be downloaded directly from the ActionB2B website and is installed like any other online software client.

The online gaming industry is growing more competitive day-by-day. As the industry matures consolidation is ongoing. Simultaneously the acquisition cost of new, real money players increases rapidly, and unless an operator has a big budget for TV and offline advertising, it will be increasingly hard to compete for new customers.

In this operational climate, the ActionPoker Network has spent considerable efforts to ensure that we are well ahead of the curve and strategically positioned for the future – as the industry changes. We have been “forced” to think outside the box, go where no-one have gone, and to take some calculated chances. This innovative thinking has culminated in the creation of a completely new B2B strategy, which we have aptly named the ActionMTB, which is the actual Marketing Toolbox software.

The development of the ActionMTB is based on a complete rethinking of the concept of partnerships. Traditionally in online gaming, a lot of the traffic has been driven through affiliates or partners. However, the tools of the trade has been limited to websites pointing to other websites, SEO optimization and the likes.

What is in the ActionMTB?

With the ActionMTB we offer a completely new way of thinking “partnership”. The ActionMTB gives our partners a whole array of possible ways to drive traffic, either to our ActionPoker Network sites – or to the site of a particular partner, whatever the case may be.

The ActionMTB toolkit comprises several options:

•Action Stations – purpose built online poker and casino terminals
•Action iCafé – a specific solution for internet cafés and other premises that are not suitable for the ActionStation.
•ActionAffiliates – traditional web-based affiliate program.
•ActionLicensee – tailor-made, individually branded poker website to suit the individual customer.
•ActionCards – proprietary pre-paid cards to fund player accounts.
All of the above items are part of the ActionMTB – available to our customers. Customers may choose only some of the modules, knowing that as their business expands, there are always more opportunities to expand within the ActionPoker Network.

The unique concept behind the ActionMTB toolkit is that we have expanded the concept of an affiliate way beyond what we the industry have done to date. Basically, there are more ways than one to drive traffic to an online gaming site. You don’t need to have a website to redirect traffic to earn revenue as a partner of the ActionPoker Network. You can sell ActionCards, you can have an ActionStation on your premises, you can install the iCafé solution on a laptop computer and offer it to your customers, or you can own your own poker room as an ActionLicensee and drive traffic to your website. There are plenty of ways to make money with the ActionMTB toolkit.

On top of this, the ActionMTB extends your reach well beyond the boundaries of your café, or your casino, or your website. Any customer that you bring in, whether it is on an ActionStation Terminal in your casino, or through the iCafé solution, in whatever premises you have, will be making revenue on that customer as long as he keeps playing on the ActionPoker Network.

Physical Address:    
Vredenberg, Curaçao
Netherlands Antilles
Mailing Address:
1 Time Business Park
37 Blouberg Road Tableview
Cape Town 7441
South Africa
Phone:   +506 2 289 4716
Fax:   +506 2 290 0026
Website:  www.actionb2b.com
Email:  info@actionpokernetwork.com
Upper Management: 
Mr. Hubert Hofer, Sales Director

Mr. Ben Johansen, Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Lynn Pearce de Freitas, Marketing Director
Additional Information
Date Established:  January, 1999
Parent Company:  Playsafe Holdings S.A.

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ActionPokerNetwork – online poker software to the iGaming industry
Posted Friday, November 19th, 2010

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