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Alderney – legal & hosting services to the iGaming industry

E-Gambling Companies established in Alderney hold a number of distinct advantages. Alderney’s regulatory framework is the most contemporary available and is future proofed against new developments from the industry. The fiscal package is the most advantageous amongst all onshore and offshore jurisdictions and the technical infrastructure is cutting edge and substantial – supporting some the largest E-Gambling companies in the world and capable of supporting the top 50 companies with ease.


Newtel Solutions
Newtel has a state-of-the-art data centre at St. Georges Hall, St Peter Port, Guernsey. The data centre has been awarded a hosting certificate by the AGCC for the provision of co-location and other services to AGCC licensees. Newtel is the largest independent ISP and alternative telecommunications carrier in the Channel Islands with its own inter Island and off Island network to France and the UK.

Newtel is a fully licensed Public Telecommunication Operator in both Jersey and Guernsey, providing a range of hosting, private circuit, Internet and voice services over its own infrastructure. Newtel was founded in 1997 in response to the demand from the business and residential markets for an alternative to the incumbent operators in the Channel Islands. Newtel was awarded a PTO licence in Guernsey in 2002 and in Jersey in 2003.

Newtel currently serves over 12,000 business, government and residential customers and employs a staff of 41. See our website for further information, www.newtelsolutions.com

Newtel’s Network
Newtel has its own resilient telecommunications network provisioned via the Channel Islands Electricity Grid (“CIEG”) to Normandy, France where it is interconnected with the COLT European Network and backhauled over diverse routing to London where Newtel interconnect to multiple upstream Tier 1 bandwidth providers.

The Channel Islands Electricity Grid
The CIEG was provisioned in 2000 to provide both Guernsey and Jersey with power connectivity to the main European Grid. Some 95% of the Islands’ power is now delivered via this infrastructure. The Islands still retain on-island generation capability in the event of a failure.

The CIEG Cable Network
The cable system connects the two Islands to the French Grid by 90 kV cables. The system also includes two separate fibre optic cables dedicated to telecommunication. There is also a fibre optic cable core within the 90KV cables dedicated to telemetry and available for telecommunications as a back up to the two separate fibre optic cables.

The power submarine cable is provided with double 7 mm galvanised steel wire armour. The outer layer is “rock armour”. The two fibre optic telecommunications cables are laid separately in parallel to the power cable. Each cable has 48 high-capacity DWM fibres and galvanised triple steel wire armour. The outer layer of the submarine cables consists of bitumen-bonded polypropylene yarn.

The submarine cables were laid by the purpose built cable laying-vessel CLV Sea Spider. The transport and laying was divided into two campaigns. The power cable and the fibre optic cables were laid in separate runs. The two fibre optic cables were laid along the same route as the power cables but at a 30 meters spacing. On land separate ducts for the fibre optic cables were laid together with the power cables.

CIEG Failover Capability
Newtel has multiple active fibre pairs in each of the two undersea telecommunications cables between Guernsey and Jersey and Normandy. There is full resiliency between the fibre pairs in the two undersea cables. In addition to the telecommunications cables the CIEG has fibre pairs embedded within the main power cable. In the event of a complete failure of the two telecommunications cables the CIEG will provide access to the power cable fibre capacity for all of Newtel’s traffic. The CIEG has a programme underway which will reduce the switchover to four hours under a revised SLA.

COLT European Network
Newtel connects to the COLT European network in mainland France via the new purpose built fibre infrastructure in Normandy through an agreement between COLT Telecom and Manche Numerique. Manche Numerique owns the new high quality fibre optic network in Normandy (funded by the EU), which provides the infrastructure on which Newtel delivers its diverse and resilient network capacity.

This resilient infrastructure is utilised to carry Newtel’s SDH transmission routes, which in turn carries Ethernet point-to-point circuits, PDH circuits and upstream connectivity towards the Internet.

The network is also planned to be used as the platform to transport next generation network (NGN) services and differentiated customer traffic streams.

Network Resilience
Newtel utilises the inbuilt resilience of the COLT Telecom fully owned and operated European Network by taking advantage of diversity via both northern and southern routing capabilities. This multi-gigabit capacity network is fully protected and in the event of any failure of the primary northern route all traffic is automatically routed via the southern link. Newtel’s carriage agreement with COLT is backed by industry leading service level agreements.

Data Centre
The Newtel data centre was purpose built and has all the features and capabilities one would expect of a facility of its kind. The data centre opened 18 months ago. It was designed and built with attention to detail in regard to both security and resilience in order to offer world class offshore hosting centre facilities.

The data centre currently totals some 1,600 square feet of dedicated hosting space in two suites with the ability to expand as demand grows. Construction of the building is of concrete block and granite.

Access to the secure data centre area is by a single door that is accessed by a dual authentication system requiring correct recognition by both a proximity card reader and biometric reader. Each card can only be used with the programmed owner’s fingerprint. Behind this door are a further two proximity card readers and biometric readers which control entry into each of the data centre hosting areas. All access is electronically logged and recorded onto hard disk and archived monthly. Access by either client or contractor personnel is only permitted in the hosting areas if they are accompanied by a member of the Newtel staff.

All secure areas as well as the public areas used to access the data centre are fully monitored by multiple digital video surveillance cameras. Video is recorded onto hard disk and archived monthly. Intruder and access alarm systems are installed to British Standard 8220 and include door contacts and Passive Infrared detectors. The alarms are connected to Securicor who in turn contact the police and the Newtel key holders. The building fire alarm system conforms to BS5839.1 2002 and is also connected to Securicor who contact the fire brigade and the key holders. A fully automated Fire Suppression Waterless Gas Drenching System, FM200, is installed in all hosting areas. The FM200 system detects and eliminates fire within 10 seconds and is safe for people, equipment and the environment. Utilised for over 10 years in more than 100,000 sites in 70 countries the FM-200 Waterless Fire Protection system is accepted as the worldwide standard in fire suppression.

Power Resilience
Power to the data centre is via the building’s own dedicated substation with 1800amps of capacity sited within the property. Fully automated UPS (400kVa n+1) and generator (630kVa) back up are installed and regularly tested to provide power in the event of a mains power failure.

Edenaire air-conditioning units, in an n+1 configuration, feed cool air via ducting to racks individually from below, and air purification filters maintain a dust free environment in the hosting areas. For further information, please call our Corporate Sales team on +44 1481 700670.

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Alderney – legal & hosting services to the iGaming industry

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