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Alea Media – top quality custom software solutions for the iGaming industry

Alea Media provides top quality custom software solutions for online gaming industry. Development of online webcam poker, online casino and sports betting software is our main focus. To support client operations, we offer server hosting with live security management services.
The software is based on the state-of-the-art technology with a flash based front-end that does not require downloading and is playable from any platform including PC, Mac and Linux. High security, reliability, instant play, scalability, open standards and photo-realistic 3D graphics are the core benefits of Alea Media’s online gaming software.

Each solution we create is custom and completely unique. They are all based on the same proven platform, but using customized game and lobby graphics. To compete in this creative industry, our solutions will make you stand out from competition and give you an edge that will result in greater profits and player satisfaction.

Our clients are offered a range of supporting services to make their online gaming venture simple, secure and a highly profitable business. We have reliable server hosting centers around the globe that can meet any volume demand. Our skilled technicians are working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ensuring reliable operation of your online casino.

Online gaming software we develop uses open standards, high security, clean architecture, scalability to virtually unlimited number of simultaneous players and offers stable and reliable operation. In May of 1999, Alea Media was the first company in the industry to introduce entirely flash based online casino with an integrated sports betting system playable from any platform. Our software products are designed to be instantly playable on any computer platform including Windows PC’s, Apple Macintosh, and Linux without CD installation or downloading. Even players with slow, modem based Internet connections are able to play within seconds! 
Alea Media guarantees that every client will have a completely unique casino with customized graphics, sounds, 3D environments and table shapes to fit the general theme of the site design. We took “no assembly line” approach, making sure that each of our clients have unique offerings to compete for its market share. Players are attracted to the games based on their visual experiences and ease of play. Alea Media employs the professionally engineered 3D graphics using exact replicas of actual game tables and slot machines. True Photo-realism is created by applying natural texturing and lightning effects. In the case of online poker room, human characters are placed into the scene for the authentic multiplayer atmosphere.

Most online casinos look alike. If you want to stand out, you need processionally designed site with creativity and innovation. We will make sure that you are presented in all glory to your players as you deserve. Ergonomics and intuitive user interfaces will make player experiences more enjoyable and happy to come back and play games at your place.

BP 323
Paris, Paris, Île-de-France 75013
Phone:   +33 1 45 82 20 03
Website:  www.aleamedia.com
Email:  sales@aleamedia.com
Additional Information
Date Established:  May, 1999

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