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AmigoTechs – online gaming solutions for the iGaming industry

Amigotechs is a “software company” that designs and develops new and exciting software for on-line game play in FLASH technology.
The products and solutions for the businesses supplied by Amigotechs are specially designed with bars, clubs, games rooms, hotels, websites and game web portals in mind and any other organization interested in offering on-line entertainment.

The “core business” of Amigotechs is the design and implementation of on-line casino games. This game software can function alone in an autonomous website, created from scratch, or can be totally integrated into already existing game websites or game portals.
With Amigotechs, you have the dedicated support and all the technological and formative resources you will need to develop a growing business. Our solid reliability, since we first appeared on the internet will provide the stability needed to have a strong internet presence.

All Amigotechs’ efforts are aimed at creating and developing the tools that will make it as easy as possible for you to manage one or more on-line game rooms, especially if:

•this is your first experience

•your players are familiar with video bar games

•you already have a betting website or on-line poker and you want to add
a casino
Amigotechs can supply you with all the required accessory services you need to be fully functional and independent.
We will teach you all you need to know and our clients have always passed with flying colors!

•a platform of fast, intuitive, super realistic on-line game play, which can
be customized and updated at any time

•over 50 of the worlds most popular casino games in FLASH technology

•a Help Menu for the players, with guidelines for the games, in the main
languages spoken around the world

•an effective alternative for those markets where gambling is not permitted

•powerful administration tools accessible entirely on the web

•24 hour a day assistance in your language

•software solutions that do not require a large financial outlay

Please feel free to contact us, with no obligations, and receive immediate access to our products free of charge.
Thanks to our diverse managers we can offer help and commercial-technical support in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Phone:   +506 2 203 0012
Fax:   +506 2 203 0012
Website:  www.amigotechs.com
Email:  staff@amigotechs.com

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AmigoTechs – online gaming solutions for the iGaming industry

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