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AmTote – leading totalisator service provider in the iGaming industry

AmTote is a leading totalisator service provider committed to providing the best ongoing customer service, support, and technological advancements in the pari-mutuel wagering industry.

SportsBook Tote Software
Head-to-Head betting:

Fixed line – bet against changing point spread
Alternate line – bet against changing line, usually no point spread
Over/Under – bet against total score of match
Tie – bet on the match ending in a tie
Parlay – combine 2 or more bets. Bets paid at fixed odds table or product of line (odds) of each bet
Liabilities kept for each line and point spread change
Future – event of propositions

Propositions are user defined
Up to 5000 propositions for an event (book)
Payout expressed as odds, line or dollar return

Parlay Card – group of proposition pairs on a card

Up to 180 individual betting marks per card
Up to 50 cards per day
Payout uses a fixed odds table
Book Manager Terminal

User friendly Windows point and click interface
Used to monitor, define and adjust propositions

50+ sport types
1000+ head-to-head events
500+ future events
1000+ propositions per future event
50 parlay cards per day

By Mail:
AmTote International
11200 Pepper Road
Hunt Valley, MD 21031

By Phone:
Fax: 410-785-5299

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AmTote – leading totalisator service provider in the iGaming industry

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