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Association of British Bookmakers – trade assaciation for UK betting shop operators in the iGaming industry

The Association of British Bookmakers is the leading trade association for UK betting shop operators.

Our Objective
We aim to help create and sustain conditions in which socially responsible betting shop operators can compete and prosper.

Our Members
The ABB’s members include 4 of the 5 biggest UK betting shop operators, along with about 150 operators of medium-sized estates, smaller estates and single shops.

Together our members operate approximately 7,100 betting shops, approximately 85% of the national total.

How We Work
Each year the ABB’s members vote for the ABB Council, which meets quarterly and sets the ABB’s strategic direction.

The ABB employs a full-time staff of 4 (see “Who We Are”) who are responsible for day-to-day management and delivery of the ABB’s aims. Their work includes:

•Lobbying the Gambling Commission, Local Authorities, politicians, journalists and other decision-makers and opinion-formers for sensible regulation (e.g. protecting young people through age verification, helping problem gamblers through customer self-exclusion…);
•Lobbying the UK Treasury for a fair level of taxation for betting shop operators. This includes commissioning an annual econometric model of the UK betting industry;
•Helping to ensure that betting shops are safe and secure environments for customers and staff (e.g. by working with the police in the context of the Safe Bet Alliance);
•Helping to maintain integrity in sport by disseminating information about irregular betting patterns that might indicate corruption. The ABB is a corporate member of ESSA;
•Providing practical advice and guidance to members on a day-to-day basis which helps them deal more effectively with the Gambling Commission, their Local Authority, their insurer and other third parties.
All members are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting.

Norris House
4 Norris Street
London, England SWiY 4RJ
United Kingdom
Phone:   +44 20-7434-2111
Fax:   +44 20-7434-0444
Website:  www.abb.uk.com
Email:  mail@abb.uk.com
Upper Management:  Mr. Barry Faulkner, Company Secretary
Other:  Mr. Warwick Bartlett, Chairman
Mr. Christopher Bell, Vice Chairman
Mr. Howard Chisholm, Council Member
Mr. Michael Corbett, Council Member
Mr. Fred Done, Council Member
Mr. David Harding, Council Member 
Mr. Charles Needham, Council Member
Mr. Will Roseff, Council Member
Mr. Alan Ross, Council Member
Mr. Nick Rust, Council Member 
Mr. Ian Spearing, Council Member

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Association of British Bookmakers – trade assaciation for UK betting shop operators in the iGaming industry
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Posted Thursday, October 7th, 2010

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