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BardoAbrasives – manufacturers in the iGaming industry

Our parent company, Barker Brothers, Inc., was established in 1911. We are a family owned company that is currently run by the third generation. For years we were a small cloth buffing wheel manufacturer supplying local customers in Brooklyn, NY. Manufacturing unique, proprietary buffing wheels that no other manufacturer could duplicate leap frogged Barker Brothers from just another buffing wheel manufacturer to one of the leading manufacturers in the entire industry!

In 1977 BARDO ABRASIVES INC., was established with 1 sanding wheel product and a few satin finishing wheels made from Non-Woven Abrasive to offer. We supplied sanding wheels to the wooden moulding and cabinet door manufacturing industry and satin finish wheels for the metal finishing industry.

Incorporating the same marketing philosophy of manufacturing unique, proprietary products to significantly reduce LARGE companies finishing costs went into high gear when Bardo Abrasives became one of only the THREE manufacturers of convolute deburring & finishing wheels in 1990!

We are not in the wheel copying business! We do NOT attempt to “copy” the wheel that is presently being used, and save you 5%. That is NOT how we operate!

You will find it refreshing the way we look at a few basic parameters of the application such as surface being worked on, machinery being used, speed of that machinery and most importantly we ASK you what do you NEED that wheel to be able to do! Then, we MANUFACTURE the wheel that you need! As opposed to copying what you already get.

Featuring an innovative Research & Development Department, Bardo Abrasives Inc. is constantly improving its products, and product offering. Our deburring wheels started with formula #1, followed by formula #2, and so on. In 2003, we are currently developing a wheel with formula #373!! We are not a large conglomerate, and therefore we are able to offer a much WIDER variety of wheels than any other manufacturer in the entire United States!

You will enjoy working with Bardo Abrasives because you get the best of two worlds! We manufacture a superior quality deburring wheel that more than satisfies the shop using a general purpose deburring wheel that is used on a bench grinder. However, where we truly shine is in our ability to “tweak” wheels to meet your satisfaction! We do it with a turn around time that will pleasantly surprise you! We have the ability to customize a wheel for a specific large application! If we have to, we will develop a product for a specific finishing application! We feature wheel products in OD’s starting at 4″ all the way up to 16″ and with face widths ranging from 1/4″ through 36″, in increments of 1/4″! We manufacture wheels using abrasive grains that include Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide and Garnet!

We are not a conglomerate, but we’re not a fly-by-night organization either! We own a 75,000 sq. foot factory in Ridgewood, NY, where we have 100 plant employees, a sales and administrative office, five direct sales application’s experts on the road and several Manufacturer’s Agents throughout this great country; We supply cloth buffing wheels, deburring & finishing wheels and sanding wheels to Hong Kong, China, India, Malaysia, Korea, Europe and other parts of the world!

We pride ourselves on the extremely high level of service that we supply to our customers! We don’t have a gammet of rules that you must abide by to work with our company, we work WITH you! Afterall, we realize that we must work together with you to be successful!

Our company goal is to be able to significantly reduce finishing costs on applications that include polishing operations with buffing wheels for mirror finishes, deburring, blending & satin finishing operations on metal surfaces and knife mark removal, defuzzing, denibbing, sealer sanding and scuffing U.V. between coats for adhesion for the lineal moulding sanding industry! When you are ready to work with us to devise a product for your application, know that we will not stop trying until we have satisfied you completely!


Bardo Abrasives, Inc.
1666 Summerfield Street
Ridgewood, NY 11385
Tel: (718) 456-6400
Fax: (718) 366-2104

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BardoAbrasives – manufacturers in the iGaming industry
Posted Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

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