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Bet Tracker Betting exhange and monitoring to the iGaming industry

Bet Tracker launches it’s first real-time bet tracking app for the iPhone: New Platform makes it possible for sports enthusiasts to monitor bet probabilities during sport events. The Bet Traker managment service allows sport gamblers to track sport bets, view published betting lines, calculate win-loss bet probabilities, view game stats and get final scores in real time during the game via internet and mobile device. Bet Tracker’s service allows gamblers to track bets on their favourite sports anywhere they have mobile device accessibility and assists them in monitoring multiple games and bets from one site. Bet Tracker allows users to set up  alerts to track multiple bets, bet types and game-lines easily and quickly, with just a few keystrokes. Each bet can be monitored in real-time as each game is played, displaying the game results, showing how each bet is performing and calculating the probability each bet has of winning.

Tel: +1 310 341 0101
Fax: +1 310 372 9816
E-Mail: kevintorf@bettracker.com

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Bet Tracker Betting exhange and monitoring to the iGaming industry

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