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Betfair complains about Greece’s proposals

Betfair, an online casino and sportsbook operator made a complaint to the European Commission about Greece’s draft gaming law over claiming that the proposals rule out the betting exchanges unjustly.

Greece wants to establish its gambling market that is going to be worth roughly about €19 billion and passed measures in March that will permit video lottery machines and online betting reported a news service, Reuters.

But there was a problem that the MP’s from the Panhellenic Socialist Movement party complained about. They said that this would turn Greece, a cash-strapped nation into a vast casino and after that, the legislation was reserved. Greece at present is waiting for the European Union’s decision about the proposed measures to see whether they’re anti-competitive or not. There is currently no news about Greece’s legislation as to whether it’ll be resubmitted and no confirmation of a new legislation either.

Greece’s draft legislation said that online operators need to establish a legal entity and a server in Greece if they want to get a license and all monetary transactions will be processed through Greek banks. Betfair didn’t agree with these and declared that provisions like this violate the EU competition rules. So Betfair will take legal action if Greece does not alter their proposals.

Betfair said that “a blanket ban on betting exchanges and other terms was discriminatory” and they want these proposals to be removed.

Betfair also stated that “we have, therefore, asked the European Commission to review the matter and engage with the Greek authorities with the aim of addressing the concerns raised in our complaint.”

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