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Betfair’s new iPad app

Betfair, an iGaming betting exchange and casino revealed a new mobile wagering app to be launched that is designed to be used with Apple’s tablet iPad.


This application according to Betfair will be one of the many new mobile releases by Betfair from their recent established technology office in Silicon Valley, California. This new app will feature an intuitive landing page that will be easy for the user to access popular events and will also feature live scores.


Betfair stated that this app will improve the iPad experience for the user and will bring ‘fixed website functionality to a betting product that is specifically tailored to the tablet device’ and will also feature a ‘trader-focused betting experience with betting functionality mirroring that available on the fixed website’ as well as ‘seamless access’ to the firm’s betting site.


Raj Vemulapalli, Betfair’s Mobile Engineering Vice-President and Mobile Technologies Head stated that “this app is a game-changer for our customers, offering them a seamless betting experience that replicates the fixed web while making use of the unique features available on iPad.”


“Mobile is the coming force in the betting industry and the shift from online to mobile is in many ways more exciting than the shift from offline to online.”


While Tony McAlister, the Chief Executive Officer for Betfair stated that the “mobile is increasingly important to Betfair’s bottom line and product launches such as this are now key strategic milestones.”


“In addition, the fact that this app was developed in just two months out in San Francisco shows that our decision to launch a US technology office in Silicon Valley is already paying off. I hope this is the first of many US developed products that will extend our lead in the online betting space.”


Approximately ten percent of Betfair’s exchange activity is now conducted via mobile phones with some 40 percent of the company’s customer base having now placed a bet via a mobile device.


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