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Betfred signed a fraud prevention deal with Callcredit

Betfred.com, an iGaming online sportsbook that belongs to Betfred, an iGaming bookmaker based in the UK has signed an agreement with Callcredit Information Group, an iGaming consumer verification software to be able to make use of their CallValidate software in order to prevent fraud and obtain payment details.


Betfred stated that CallValidate will be very useful as it will prevent any future frauds by checking the client’s identity details, their car details as well as their bank account details. The new Ownership Fraud Alert feature that comes with CallValidate software will help prevent fraud even more by linking a customer’s payment details back to the identity owning that card.


Dennis Luckett, Betfred’s Head of Fraud Prevention, Risk and Payments stated that “Callcredit has given us the one missing ingredient from our customer checking solutions, online credit and debit card verification.”


“Merging this into our existing checks gives us a fully balanced check on all our UK customers. Callcredit moved very fast to get us live with the product and was a joy to work with. Just like Betfred, it clearly sees the importance of having secure checks for the safety of our customers.”


While James Blake, , the Head of Sales for Callcredit stated that “Betfred is one of the biggest online operators in the UK and, as more and more customers sign up to these sites, it is important that operators can protect both themselves and their genuine customers against fraudulent transactions and identity theft.”


“CallValidate is a unique solution that checks both identity and payment details within just three seconds and dramatically cuts down on the time that Betfred has to spend manually checking transactions. We were delighted to be able to deliver the tools to make this happen.”


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