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BGT – innovator of turnkey betting solutions in the iGaming industry

The leading innovator of turnkey betting solutions

BGT and its subsidiaries offer a broad range of solutions for private as well as state owned betting and
gambling providers worldwide about to develop new distribution channels and target groups.

The portfolio includes a great variety of gaming products including solutions for web, mobile applications,
shop counter, telephone betting and self service live betting terminals.

With the invention of BGT.live sport betting terminal, BGT once again claims its USP as a leading innovator of turnkey betting solutions.

Optional direct odds brokerage via Betfair API provides the greatest variety of live betting including horse and dog races, while guaranteeing profits and eliminating risks for the bookmakers.

BGT.live sport betting Terminal

• Worldwide first betting terminal with integrated TV signal and two touch screens

• Focus on live betting (including live pictures, live scores, etc.)

• Higher profits due to vast betting programmes (live and fixed odds, approx. 5,000 markets / week)

• Direct odds brokerage via Betfair is possible (100 – 200 dog/horse races daily, 30 – 100 live games / day, largest offer worldwide)

• Features: statistics, simple mode, betting assistent, bet slip always visible, chip card reader, barcode reader, automated reporting and invoicing, cash acceptance (bill and coin validator), Ticket in – Ticket out / etc.

• Established infrastructure for hardware service, 24*7 software support, maintenance (4 hours SLA)

• High End Design, proven Hardware

BGT – the high-tech gaming group
Best Gaming Technology GmbH (BGT) are a globally active provider of innovative, highly integrated and complete solutions for all segments adding value within the rapidly expanding gaming market. BGT, along with their subsidiaries, provide private and state betting and gaming operators with a wide selection of products designed to access new avenues of distribution (e.g. iTV – interactive TV) and appeal to new target groups (e.g. multi-player

BGT – the high-tech gaming group

The gaming market is experiencing a genuine boom. Estimates of betting industry annual sales range from 400 to 1,000 billion USD, depending on the definition, while the industry is growing overall at a rate of 30% each year and individual segments, such as online gaming and iTV, display annual growth rates of more than 100%.

This trend is additionally driven by strong moves to liberalise the market as well as by continually shorter development cycles for new products. Typical for the market is competition for potential niches and especially for the most efficient and customer-friendly entertainment platforms.

Within this context, the trend toward more closely networking very diverse product offerings faces every provider with a special challenge. Expanding and adapting legacy systems can easily result in a patchwork of varying product standards that is prone to error and difficult to administrate.

35/1/7 Diefenbachgasse
Vienna, Wien 1150
Phone:   +43 1 581 0350
Fax:   +43 1 581 0350
Website:  www.bgt.ag
Email:  office@bgt.ag

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BGT – innovator of turnkey betting solutions in the iGaming industry

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