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BrandSoftTech – complete gaming solutions to the iGaming industry

Brandsoftech has offices in Montreal, Canada and San Jose, Costa Rica. Started in 2009, this new company is owned and operated by veterans in the online gaming industry. A select group of individuals who united with unique disciplines in a wide variety of senior management skills, set out to build a company that provided all the elements for any online company, no matter the size, to improve in all areas of the organization.

Many years in planning and development, Brandsoftech is comprised of highly skilled individuals who understand the online marketplace and how to deliver stability and profits for companies. Management has worked with the biggest names in the industry and they have been a major factor in the success of those companies.

Brandsoftech is owned and operated by management and staff.

Legal Expertise in
Latin America
If you need legal expertise to set up your company in Latin America
we can also provide you with everything you need including banking.

•We’ll make you have S.A. standing so you’re an independent corporation
•We can set up proper bank accounts in Costa Rica and Panama
•Advise you on employee and immigration/residency laws

Brandsoftech can provide your existing or new business an entire range of IT tools and services, customized to fully integrate with your business systems. We specialize in developing and integrating cross-platform technologies to give you a distinct cost and productivity advantage.

•We’ll develop or augment a personalized Customer Relationship Management system with a central repository for all your customer data, organized historically.
•Develop effective customer classification tools; Email trouble ticket systems, Response tracking and customizing Live Chat for marketing as well as support function.
•Hierarchical organization of data, which will avoid redundancy and ensure that users only have access to what they are supposed to see.

Campaign Management
•We’ll design and develop tools for business development to increase revenue and undertake promotional campaigns directed towards existing customers, potential sales leads and affiliates.
•Provide support for multiple campaign methods including Phone, Email or Direct Mail.
•Improving communication between customer and sales staff, providing accountability, transparency and ensuring that efforts are not duplicated.
•Comprehensive reporting will help management consistently make the right decisions at the right time.

•We’ll provide complete integration of payment gateways, e-wallets, and credit cards within your cashier system.
•Consistently develop intelligent processing algorithms ensuring that risk is spread out to avoid losses.
•Advanced fraud detection tools will prevent any fraudsters beating the system.

Affiliate Network Development
•Total and effective provisioning of current or new affiliate marketing and tracking tools within existing software
•Integration of advanced banner management and real-time reporting to affiliates.

System Administration and Performance Tuning
•We can provide Database Mirroring / Replication, even at different geographical locations ensuring safety and availability of your core business product.
•We can also setup proven Disaster Recovery protocols, which will make sure that your business is never down.
•We can provide services for application and database tuning using unique and cost effective methods to improve the performance at the product level and overall scalability.

Mobile Internet
•Mobile internet usage has steadily increased since the advent of 3G and smart phones. Many mainstream websites are now also available exclusively designed to work with smart phones.
•Be it Windows Mobile or iPhone we have the technical expertise to take your business on the mobile bandwagon, which includes porting your current application as well has enhancing CRM by getting to your customers instantly via SMS or email.

Affiliate Programs
Delivered and Managed
Affiliate Programs make you money and are the fastest and most effective way for your company to generate cost effective revenue and awareness. Brandsoftech has several years of experience working with affiliates. We know how different affiliates work and since we are closely connected to the industry, you will see immediate results. Brandsoftech will make sure you have the most effective revenue generating affiliate program up and running from scratch, and we’ll maintain it too.

An affiliate marketing program is responsible on an average for 60 to 80 percent of traffic coming into a casino. But, if you have such a high amount of traffic coming in only from affiliates then your profitability is not very high. Therefore, if you choose our services we will optimize the traffic coming in from affiliates. In addition, we will also change the structure of your program to make it more profitable for you and enhance your player retention.

•We’ll set it up, build and launch your complete Affiliate Program
•Manage the existing Affiliate Program for both in house or affiliate networks
•Effectively recruit and activate strategic moneymaking affiliates
•Consistently evaluate the Affiliate Program and continue to improve your revenue stream
•Advise you on the affiliate trade shows and industry events

Brand Marketing at it’s best
Sales Driven Marketing Solutions
Brandsoftech is a complete company that has everything you need to develop a new brand or improve an existing one for both online and offline marketing and B2C or B2B communications. We create and develop marketing for brands that are strategic and profitable, while ensuring bottom line results.

•We’ll develop a unique brand for you or improve an existing one, from concept to completion
•Provide the graphics and design all your creative
•Total graphic production for both online and offline media
•Copywriting for all your web sites, ads, plans, PR or blogs
•Develop strategic and effective ad campaigns for all media
•Public Relations campaigns including guerilla marketing
•Tradeshow planning, development and execution
•Complete scripts, video production, photography and viral campaigns
•All language translations for worldwide communications on all media
•SEO services to give your online product the right exposure not only in English but also other language markets.

Search Engine Optimization
Low Cost and Effective
Online gaming companies suffer from a restrictively small number of marketing vehicles. With the average company relying on affiliate marketing for up to 80% of their customer acquisitions, it is glaringly obvious that marketing diversification is a top priority. This need for diversification is twofold since not only is there the risk of dependency on a single advertising technique, but also there are low profit margins associated with affiliate traffic which help fuel this drive.

That is why Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is commonly referred to, is such an immensely competitive area. With the idea of obtaining thousands of customers per month from high rankings, and the knowledge of cutting affiliates out of the middle with such rankings, many companies make the costly mistake of running a low cost in house SEO program. The old axiom of ‘you get what you pay for’ is never truer than with such cases.

In recent surveys, most in house SEO departments fail to produce a positive ROI. And there is little surprise to such results when most upper managers do not understand the topic. Furthermore, they are mostly driven to reduce costs, which is in direct conflict with hiring the few true SEO gurus who really do have experience ranking websites for extremely competitive terms.

That is exactly why Brandsoftech is the ideal solution for your SEO campaign. With a combined 27 years of SEO experience, our team is capable of delivering successful results to any size project for any and all possible keywords that you could want your customers to find your company with.

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