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CantorGaming – Mobile gaming & internet casino solutions to the iGaming industry

A few words about who we are and what we do. Cantor Gaming is an affiliate of the pre-eminent global financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald.

Cantor and its affiliates conduct over $140 trillion in financial transactions worldwide per year. Founded over 60 years ago, Cantor is one of 18 Primary Dealers authorized to trade US government securities with the Federal Reserve.

Known globally for superior financial technology and real-time and secure execution of financial transactions, Cantor’s clients include the world’s leading banks and trading firms. Cantor’s technology drives over $500 billion in transactions for the world’s capital markets every day.

At Cantor Gaming, we have built upon Cantor’s legacy of integrity and excellence and its unmatched financial technology to create an innovative and unique gaming system that we believe will revolutionize the gaming experience in Las Vegas.

Innovation in Gaming Technology: Mobile Gaming and In-Running

Cantor Gaming is the first company licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission to manufacture, distribute and operate a mobile gaming system in the state. We provide casinos with a complete mobile gaming solution, including a proprietary wireless gaming system, full back-office infrastructure and a portfolio of casino games.

Our mobile gaming system is currently available at The M Resort Spa Casino and at The Venetian and Palazzo. In 2009, Cantor Gaming was the first company to launch In-Running betting in the state of Nevada, at the new M Resort Casino Spa’s state-of-the-art Race and Sports Book. In-Running enables the casino’s guests to bet on live sporting events throughout the event and is now also available at The Venetian and Palazzo.

We’re passionate about the way in which technology can transform gaming, and are continuously updating our products and technology to enable casinos to offer their customers a unique experience.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be announcing further developments, so please stay posted as we continue to bring you news of Cantor Gaming’s unique products and services.

Mobile Gaming

Cantor Gaming’s mobile gaming device eDeck* was developed exclusively by Cantor Gaming and is the first product of its kind to be approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Building on a 60 year legacy of managing secure, financial transactions, Cantor Gaming has brought its sophisticated trading technology to the world of gaming in Nevada.

Our state of the art technology allows you to play your favorite slot games, video poker and table games, as well as proprietary games developed by Cantor Gaming including XtraOdds Black Jack and XtraOdds Baccarat. These new games offer extra propositional bets that dynamically calculate odds based on the cards dealt, giving the opportunity to press or hedge your bets.

Lightweight and durable, with an intuitive touch-screen interface, eDeck is a casino in the palm of your hand.

In-Running WageringIn-Running is changing the face of the Sports Book—it enables casino patrons to bet on a variety of outcomes to live sporting events throughout the event. Bets available currently include:

In college and professional basketball
•Total points in the game
•Money line in the game
•Point line in the game
•Total points in the first half
•Money line in the first half
•Point line in the first half

In professional baseball
•Game winner
•Total runs in match
•Run line in match
•Each team to score in each inning

In college and professional football
•Match winner
•Total points in match
•Point line in match
•First half winner
•Total points in first half
•Point line in first half
•Outcome of a drive
•Will the current drive realize another first down
•Will the current field goal attempts be successful or not
•Will the current play yield more than 20 yds
In-Running is also available for selected events in the world of horseracing, and in professional golf, tennis, soccer and hockey.

For a full list of bets currently available please contact info@cantorgaming.com.

With In-Running, the window doesn’t close when the race or sporting event starts – the action never stops! In-Running is available at the M Resort Spa Casino, and at The Venetian and Palazzo resorts in Las Vegas including Lagasse’s Stadium located inside the Palazzo.
Inside Wagering
Inside Wagers is a new and innovative sport betting option unlike anything Las Vegas has ever seen. The current standard for Las Vegas sports betting is that of consistency with each Sports Book offering the same lines and prices as competing books.  Inside Wagers ignores the standard and showcases a dynamic atmosphere of incredible odds. 

Unlike traditional sports wagering where betting is open until the start of a game, Inside Wagers is only open for a short set period of time scheduled throughout the day.  During this time, patrons can place wager offers for the Inside Wager event at a reduced commission.  Once the time expires for an active Inside Wager, all the bet offers are fully accepted, partially accepted, or fully rejected by the Cantor Race & Sports Book.  This dynamic environment enables the Cantor Race & Sports Book to offer greater bet options, better lines, and reduced fees through Inside Wagers.

Inside Wagers is a line within a line that gives all patrons a betting edge.

One Churchill Place
Canary Wharf
London E14 5RD
United Kingdom
Phone:   +44 20-7894-7413
Fax:   +44 20-7894-8525
Website:  www.cantorgaming.com
Email:  info@cantorgaming.com
Upper Management: 
Mr. Lee Amaitis, President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Steve Kezirian, Chief Operating Officer
Ms. Coreen Sawdon, Chief Financial Officer
Cantor Gaming (Nevada)
6280 South Valley View Boulevard
Suite 318
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
Phone:  (702) 677-3800
Fax:  (702) 458-6511
Website:  www.cantorgaming.com
Email:  info@cantorgaming.com
Upper Management: 
Mr. Lee Amaitis, President and Chief Executive Officer

Additional Information
Parent Company:  Cantor Fitzgerald

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