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Carmel&Carmel – attorneys and counselors in the iGaming industry

Originally established in 1928, Carmel & Carmel counsels clients whose business interests range from local to international. Their clients include: land developers, financial institutions, emerging technology companies, construction companies and hospitality industry companies.

Real Estate
Carmel & Carmel offers skilled service in all aspects of real estate acquisition, development, financing, investment, ownership, leasing, marketing and sales operation. Our attorneys represent a variety of industry participants from small developers to Fortune 500 Companies.  While primarily known for our expertise in land development and residential and resort communities, we also deal regularly with all significant real estate product types, including commercial, industrial, multi-family, hospitality and new and specialized uses including hybrid forms of ownership structure.  Our clients include major domestic and foreign real estate developers, homebuilders, lenders, investors, contractors, and a variety of service providers to the real estate industry.

Our experience and resources allow us to provide our clients with the most effective legal representation notwithstanding the location, size, staffing needs, time constraints or complexity of any transaction. Further, our attorneys are recognized as being outstanding in their field and are active members and routine speakers for the principal professional associations serving the real estate industry, including the Urban Land Institute (ULI), the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), the National Land Council (NLC), the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the American Association of Retirement Communities (AARC) and many other conference providers.

Finance and Lending
Whether you’re lending or borrowing, Carmel & Carmel has expertise in all local, state and federal laws that regulate real estate financing. Our attorneys can assist everyone from multi-state property-owners to financial institutions in purchasing or selling of property, interests, or equity, and can also advise on credit issues such as enhancement strategies, multi-bank transactions, and revolving credit agreements. Financial institutions in the process of managing loans related to real estate rely on Carmel & Carmel to simplify the process and ensuring the success of the deal. Along the way, our attorneys keep eye on compliance with all applicable agency regulations, monitoring the often-complicated and –rigid requirements to secure fast approval.

Banks (domestic or foreign), insurance companies, leasing companies, pension funds, and institutional investors can all benefit from Carmel & Carmel’s guidance; even joint ventures can rely on the firm for their most complicated real-estate projects. Our attorneys are experienced in financing almost every type of property acquisition or development, and can assist in the establishment or incorporation of construction, bridge, mezzanine, term, warehouse, originating, or permanent loans. Carmel & Carmel also manages the creation and continuation of mortgages (including both participating and convertible), leases, insurance, and bonds. Our attorneys are practiced in all aspects of the modern corporate-finance markets, and can find the debt-market device that works best for the client’s individual needs.

From due diligence to loan documentation to workout strategies for troubled loans, Carmel & Carmel is a unique source to lenders, borrowers and investors in the financing of any form of real estate transaction.

Media and Technology Practice

Any business that uses the Internet is subject to a slew of new and rapidly changing regulatory schemes — especially telecommunications, telephone, and television companies. Those who publish anything online, even advertisers, must comply with a multitude of contract, copyright, liability, and sales laws. Carmel & Carmel attorneys are experienced in overseeing every aspect of a business’ online operations, and provide crucial advisement on intellectual property and privacy laws, counseling companies of any kind through the development of e-commerce strategies and handling of any such related litigation. 

Information-technology companies and broadcasters alike rely on Carmel & Carmel to guide them through interactions with government bodies from the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission to the Department of Justice and state and local regulators. Competition, consumer protection, telecommunications mergers — issues related to the online business world are continually multiplying and becoming more complex, and Carmel & Carmel constantly monitor these developments to protect media providers. Our attorneys also help coordinate corporate strategy and policy related to goals for Internet growth, while ensuring fully compliance with regulators to ease the obtainment of licensing and conformity with agency mandates. An understanding of communications law has become essential to any business that uses the Internet as well as consumers in online markets. Carmel & Carmel can be your experts in an arena of law that evolves nearly as fast as the technology it concerns.

Carmel & Carmel attorneys provide a full range of services that are designed to maximize the benefits provided by trademarks and domain names. These services include assisting clients in adopting, developing, and protecting strong, unique trademarks, service marks and domain names that identify goods and services.  In addition, our attorneys craft terms and conditions of use, privacy policies and other key website agreements.

We also conduct general Internet law compliance reviews of our clients’ websites. In addition, our attorneys have negotiated and crafted a broad range of Internet and wireless content licenses and distribution agreements, relating to the original content of our clients, and have represented a broad array of clients looking to buy and sell Internet businesses and Internet-related assets.

International Real Estate Development

For real-estate transactions that take place across borders, Carmel & Carmel can help bridge the dual financial, cultural and business realities for both domestic and international clients. Whether you are acquiring, developing, or financing real estate outside of the United States or you are a non-domestic company wanting to create a US structured real estate program outside the US for sales to US residents and others, our attorneys join you in planning, negotiating, and implementing strategies that maximize the advantages (and safely navigate the disadvantages) of both legal systems. All commercial, residential, retail, hospitality, and mixed-use projects materializing anywhere in the world can benefit from the guidance of Carmel & Carmel attorneys in assessing approaches to tax schemes, investment, equity structuring, and partnership arrangements. When international laws and cultures collide, our attorneys rely on their extensive expertise on international real-estate markets to create lasting solutions.

Our lawyers are skilled in the applicability of land sales registration requirements for international subdivisions and condominium projects. Ranging from requirements under the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act, to particular state registration requirements, our attorneys understand the vast network of laws which must be complied with by foreign developers seeking to sell to United States residents. Recent projects include subdivision and condominium developments in the Turks & Caicos, Mexico and other Caribbean and Latin American countries.

In addition, our lawyers have extensive experience in developing and negotiating subdivision and condominium creation documents. In consultation with foreign counsel, we also assist clients in structuring contracts to comply with foreign law.

Carmel & Carmel attorneys can be reached at info@carmel.us or 202-787-1322

55301 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
Suite 570
Washington, District of Columbia 20015

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Carmel&Carmel – attorneys and counselors in the iGaming industry

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