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CyberArts – world’s most advanced gaming software platform in the iGaming industry

CyberArts offers Foundation™, the world’s most advanced gaming software platform.
Industry leaders choose the Foundation universal gaming platform for its stability, scalability, customizability, and fast deployment. The Foundation suite of products provides the enterprise class technology that market leaders demand, and CyberArts offers the service and support to match your business requirements. Foundation may be licensed on a prepaid royalty-free basis or via revenue sharing arrangements for qualified operators.

The Foundation™ platform powers Poker, Bingo, Tournament Blackjack, Backgammon, Big2 and other games. Games support multiple languages and currencies, and are scalable to allow thousands of simultaneous players. Created by experienced Silicon Valley programmers, Foundation is flexible enough to support cash games, subscription-based gaming or advertisement-supported (“advergaming”) models.

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Foundation Universal Gaming Platform
The Foundation Universal Gaming Platform provides the most customizable and stable online gaming platform for online and server-based games. Built to modern, enterprise class architectural standards, it provides all the elements to create a secure, scalable and robust gaming business that reflects your unique brand and business proposition.

With Foundation online gaming platform, move beyond the limits of software companies that mainly run white label networks. With Foundation you get what you want from an online gaming platform – exactly what you want for your online and server-based games. Customize the design of your interfaces down to the pixel. Support true globalization. Maximize a range of business models. Implement unique features and functionality.

The Foundation software suite consists of the Foundation Universal Client, Foundation Server, Foundation Gaming Developers Kit (GDK), Foundation Admin, Foundation Application Programming Interfaces(API), and Foundation Games.

.Secure, stable and robust
.Maximize a range of business models

Why should players play at your site? Because you offer them something different.

All games built on Foundation inherit all of the advantages of the platform. That includes our extensive customization options and stability, game management and back office functionality, plus advergaming and marketing support.

We can integrate with your existing games, offer you our leading games, or we can make your unique game idea real.

Custom Development
We provide customized gaming solutions on time and on budget. We offer quality conscious organizations a range of quick-to- market gaming solutions that can be customized to your needs and vision.

Game development services include:

.Game rule development
.Database development
.Server integration
.Client application development
.Foundation platform integration
.External systems integration

Foundation’s open architecture makes it the ideal hub to integrate all your gaming products from all different vendors. Foundation APIs allow integration with external player account and banking systems, as well as third-party gaming systems. You can offer single sign-on, shared wallet and integrated loyalty programs across all your games.

Additionally, you have the ability to develop custom applications, which can access Foundation data (e.g. tournament results, player activity history, hand histories) and control system behavior.

This CyberArts licensee required a custom solution that included:

.Integration with an existing sportsbook, casino, and accounting system
.Seamless single sign-on and shared wallet
.Deposits and credit supported in poker
.Configuration for a target of 30,000+ concurrent playing members

Superior Support
CyberArts has a history of developing projects on time and on target.

Our products are continually subjected to a full battery of tests, including large-scale stress tests, destructive tests, and functional verification. CyberArts has also developed special technologies to ensure that Foundation will work properly in large production environments, before you put it in front of your customer base.

We believe that support depends on clear communication. Our entire support process, from delivery methodology through ongoing maintenance, was engineered to achieve this. The communication continues through delivery, installation and training.

2054 University
Suite 300
Berkeley, California 94704
Phone:  (941) 953-7791
Website:  www.cyberarts.com
Email:  kim@cyberarts.com
Upper Management: 
Mr. Ken Arnold, Chairman
Mr. Chris Derossi, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Architect
Mr. Matt Pangborn, Vice President Business Development
Additional Information
Date Established:  November, 1995

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CyberArts – world’s most advanced gaming software platform in the iGaming industry

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