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Enns&Archer – legal advice and support to the iGaming industry

Enns & Archer LLP was formed in February 2001 by Rodrick J. Enns and Julia C. Archer. Our goal is to maintain an informal and flexible environment in which we can focus on what we enjoy: providing legal advice and support to those who market branded products and services. Because we have spent our careers working for marketers and brand managers, our background and experience have been defined by their needs, rather than by arbitrary conventions of the legal profession

Our philosophy is simple. We strive to deliver superior value in the fields in which we practice, and we rely completely on our clients to decide if we have succeeded.

Here are a few examples of what that means in practice:

We do not undertake work until we and the client are both satisfied that our involvement will add value for the client, and we invest the time needed (at our expense, not the client’s) for both of us to make that decision on an informed basis.
Once we enter into a client relationship, we guarantee our work unconditionally. We do not expect any client to pay for representation with which they are less than completely satisfied.
We do not charge clients for routine daily office expenses, such as postage, long distance telephone charges, faxes, or in-house photocopying. We think such charges should be part of our overhead, not yours.

If you’d like to talk with us directly, please feel free to call us at (336) 723-5180, or send any of us an email:

Rodrick J. Enns

Julia C. Archer

Carol S. Cox, Administrator

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Enns&Archer – legal advice and support to the iGaming industry

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