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Entraction – attractive, user friendly and secure digital entertainment in the iGaming industry

The Entraction Group
Entraction Holding AB was founded in 2000 and is a world leading supplier within the digital gaming industry.
Entraction Holding AB works to create profitable growth and long-term value enhancements for its shareholders by continuously evaluate attractive business opportunities in the fast-growing digital gaming industry. Prospective investments of interest to the Entraction Group are companies operating as suppliers within the digital gaming industry and which have a core product with strong growth and profitability potential. Entraction Holding is not a financial investor, but is only interested in companies offering significant synergies with the current supplier operations. Entraction can contribute knowledge, management and access to the considerable opportunities for cross-selling and advantages of scale that exist within the Group.

The common factor for all operations within the Entraction Group is a methodology that focuses on clear positioning, revenue maximisation, cost control and product development.

Entraction Solutions
The subsidiary Entraction Solutions supplies complete systems for online gaming, meaning that, for example, a media company wishing to integrate gaming into its website does not need to invest in payment solutions, customer support and other infrastructure. Over and above systems for poker, casino, betting and bingo, the Entraction Group supplies support, affiliate systems, promotional tools and payment solutions.

Entraction Solutions has developed proprietary systems for poker, betting and parts of the peripheral systems on offer. Other systems are supplied by third parties. The Entraction Group’s strategy is to successively replace third party systems with those it has developed or acquired, where commercially justified. A prerequisite for success in the Group’s endeavours to be one of the world’s three largest suppliers within the digital gaming industry is to be able to control the development of new products and services to ensure that the Group has the best offerings in the market.

European Masters of Poker
During 2008, Entraction Investment Holding Ltd was established, which, via subsidiaries, launched European Masters of Poker™ together with partners in the poker network and some of Europe’s best and most exclusive casinos. The tournaments are aimed at all types of poker players, with a relatively low registration fee that allows non-professional players to compete for the title “European Master of Poker”.

Learn more at www.europeanmastersofpoker.com

“Gaming is a principle inherent in human nature.”
Edmund Burke 1729 – 1797 British politician

Entraction is an independent supplier of flexible gaming solutions. Our portfolio of products and services includes everything from online poker, betting, casino and bingo software to website design, back office and support. What’s more, by providing both turnkey and stand alone poker and betting solutions we cater for virtually any operator in today’s market. By choosing Entraction as your gaming partner you increase the opportunities to maximise your profits while providing entertainment to a growing customer base.

As an independent supplier in the igaming market you can be assured that we put our focus on customers’ needs. Unlike many other providers, we don’t believe in competing with our clients. In fact, all our products and services are developed to meet our customers’ requirements. And as our success is linked to yours, we try harder to facilitate your growth. At Entraction we like to think of ourselves as your partner, and partners don’t compete, they work together.

The Entraction turnkey solution enables you to focus on what is really important, attracting players and growing your business!

Join Entraction and get more.

Physical Address:   
Gårdsvägen 18
Solna, Stockholms 16903
Mailing Address:
Box 3108
Solna, Stockholms 16903

Phone:   +46 8 564 88460
Fax:   +46 8 564 88461
Website:  www.entraction.com
Email:  sales@entraction.com
Upper Management: 
Mr. Staffan Dahl, Sales and Marketing Director
Mr. Gustav Falk, Sales Executive
Mr. Fredrik Ojert, Sales Executive
Ms. Anna Johansson, Marketing Coordinator
Ms. Pia Rosin, Corporate Communications Manager
Kalle Solberg, Partner Relations Manager
Entraction (24hPay)
Tigne Place (No 12) Office2/3, Tigne Street
Sliema SLM11
Phone:   +356 213 324 07
Fax:   +356 213 327 01
Website:  www.entraction.com
Email:  info@entraction.com
Mrs. Sharon Cauchi, Director
Entraction Support OÜ
Narva mnt 7d, Korpus A
Tallinn 10117
Phone:   +372 697 7060
Fax:   +372 697 9085
Website:  www.entraction.com
Email:  info@entraction.com
Upper Management: 
Mr. Leonid Nezgoda, Managing Director
Mr. Peter Eliasson, Partner Relation Manager
Additional Information
Date Established:  2001

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