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Ethoca – fraud management in the iGaming industry

Ethoca pioneered the concept of collaborative fraud management to fight online credit card fraud and lower the total cost of fraud. Since launching its fraud detection services in March 2006, Ethoca has signed up more than 50 member companies. The list includes British Airways, TigerDirect, CompUSA, World Wrestling Entertainment, Arcadia, Dabs, several online gaming enterprises and many small to midsize online retailers.

Exclusive database
The pooled data contributed by members of the Global Fraud Alliance is a private resource, available exclusively to members, and only for the purpose of fraud detection. Ethoca360’s collaborative model for fraud detection offers several unique advantages.

■It allows members to spot trends across a variety of merchants and industries.
■Ethoca can perform link analysis not just on the member’s own data, but across the entire membership data pool on any overlapping attribute
■Transaction data is fully cross-referenced across merchants, shipping providers and card issuers. These industry stakeholders act as one force against fraud
Expert leadership
Ethoca’s founders brought together experience in online payment systems, fraud detection, law, engineering and Internet services.  They have been on the other side of the fraud problem.

CEO Andre Edelbrock is an expert in online payment systems, risk, fraud and product management. President Keegan Johnson spent eight years in the Internet integration and application service provider industries.

Secure environment
More importantly, they built the company around the idea of pooling transaction data securely and safely. Ethoca systems are PCI DSS compliant, providing even higher levels of security and data protection than many of the world’s leading payment processors. Data privacy is guaranted, and being domiciled in world’s strictest jurisdiction for privacy protection, Ethoca not only meets, but exceeds the strictest standards globally. Ethoca processes are also designed to ensure data integrity, protecting against deliberate tainting of the pool with corrupt or inaccurate data.

■Our Tier 1 data center offers 99.999 percent reliability.
■All sensitive data is encrypted.
■Our platform has passed rigorous security due diligence by many of our members, including the Royal Bank of Scotland.
■Our platform’s Data Integrity Verification program, developed and administered in consultation with PricewaterhouseCoopers, includes random and scheduled data audits.
Private data

Members get the benefit of one another’s experience with online transactions, but each member’s data remains private, unable to be read or mined by others. The data is used only for the purpose of fraud management, and only directly touched by Ethoca. Even Ethoca employees are unable to view the data directly, protecting your, and your customers’ privacy. It is an absolute rule of the Global Fraud Alliance that pooled data may not be used for marketing or sales purposes.

Stable investors

Our investors have come from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. They include Tom Ridge, the first secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; and Joseph J. Grano Jr., former chairman of UBS Financial Services Inc. and chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council under President George W. Bush. Ridge and Grano both also serve on the Ethoca board.

Ethoca Limited (UK and Europe)
Denshaw House
121 Baggot Street Lower
Dublin 2
Phone: +353.1.659.9484
Fax: +353.1.659.9489

Ethoca Technologies, Inc. (Canada)
4211 Yonge Street, Suite 202
Toronto, Ontario  M2P 2A9
Toll Free: 1.866.215.2883
Phone: +1.416.849.6091
Fax: +1.416.849.6095

Ethoca (U.S.)
1185 Avenue of the Americas
Suite 1750
New York, NY  10036
Phone: +


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Ethoca – fraud management in the iGaming industry
Posted Monday, January 3rd, 2011

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