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Eye-catching tax regime in Malta

The taxes of the gaming companies in Malta is of the opinion to be average, not high, but it can be as low as 0.5 per cent on the gross amount of bets accepted for a sportsbook. Additionally, tax is capped at 466,000 euro per year, while taxation under other egaming licensing  regimes makes it difficult for operators to make profit. But the taxation is not the only thing  that is drawing the attention of operators to Malta, the business tax regime is also doing playing it’s part. Despite the fact that companies are taxed at 35 per cent, there’s a refund system that drops the effective tax rate to about 5 per cent. Malta’s large network of more than 50 double taxation treaties is another added gain.

Therefore, Malta is acknowledged by operators as a base even if they decide not to apply for a license in Malta. A number of operators already applied for licenses in other jurisdictions using a Maltese company. However the gaming tax in the jurisdiction in which they are licensed still needs to be payed, the company will be taxed in Malta. Malta evidently offers other benefits to operators – beyond the license.


Malta is a worldwide respected international financial centre and also provides gaming companies a top tier address in order to base their operations in.  The island provides a bespoke environment contributing to growing a successful business with a well known state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure proficient of delivering unending connectivity through four submarine fiber optic links to mainland Europe and also hosting capabilities, plus the presence of industry support services like an online payment processors security auditors, platform providers and also software developers. Over these past years, Malta developed the international connectivity because it is vital to the remote gaming industry and by doing so, Malta has earned its position as the leading EU jurisdiction for eGaming operators. Some operators of the submarine fiber optic cables in Malta, are Vodafone, GO and Melita. These three, provide most of Malta’s international connectivity and is estimated that around 50 per cent of their broadband capacity services the eGaming industry. It can be directly or indirectly via centres, they also emphasize that in future, their capacity will be virtually unlimited. That will be crucial for the potential of further expansion of the industry. But that’s not only good news to the eGaming sector, it’s also good news for anyone requiring a bandwidth and online based activities. At least, you won’t be limited by connectivity issues.

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