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FireSwirl – electronic&mobile commerce solutions to the iGaming industry

Fireswirl Technologies Inc. (TSXV: FSW) is focused on creating transactional revenue by engineering electronic and mobile commerce solutions for content providers. The Company’s technology has broad applications for solutions requiring multiple payment interfaces, multi-currency and multi-language capabilities. Our solutions can be adapted to any industry seeking high volume or micro-payment solutions involving a wide base of users through internet or wireless applications.

International brands have chosen Fireswirl to be their e-commerce partner to operate their official online store in China.

E-commerce sales volume in China was doubled in 2009 and the trend continues in 2010. Fireswirl helps major international and local Chinese companies to strategically expand their market and provides an integrated technology and service platform for their e-commerce sales in China.

Fireswirl e-Commerce Platform in China
Fireswirl offers market leading e-commerce solutions for international brands aiming at increasing sales and market presence in the lucrative China market.

With our advanced technology, industry knowledge and operating experience in the China market, Fireswirl has helped many international companies to successfully open up the fast-growing e-commerce market in the country. Our platform reliefs brand-owners from the burden of complex e-commerce operation, which involves technology, data infrastructure, store-front management, presale customer service, order processing, inventory control, accounting, VAT invoice control, warehousing, nationwide logistic fulfillment, secure payment solutions, post-sales customer support, customer satisfaction program and customer behavior analysis.

e-Commerce Strategic Planning
Fireswirl helps brand owners to develop e-commerce strategy as part of their overall China market strategy. A sound and effective e-commerce strategy is crucial to the success of a brand in China.

With a well-developed e-commerce strategy, brand owners can immediately benefit from the followings:

•Rapid growth of online consumer in China
•Rapid growth of e-commerce’s share in China retail market
•Reaching consumers in 2nd, 3rd and 4th tier cities and remote regions
•No additional setup time and cost to sell products across a large geographic area
•Increasing brand exposure and recognition in the China market
The Internet population is quickly expanding, and the characteristics of this consumer group are take shape. With Fireswirl’s proprietary online consumer behavior profiles, years of operation experience and its efficient e-commerce platform, brand owners can develop their overall China strategy with strong e-commerce support and obtain concrete results from the execution of it.

Fireswirl e-Marketing Service
Proprietary Market Intelligence
By capturing non-customer specific shop browsing and product ordering actions, Fireswirl analyses the behavior of Chinese consumers based on a wide range of criteria such as gender, age group, income level, interest and geographic region. The result of this proprietary process provides non-customer specific but highly effective marketing data.

Through years of e-commerce operation, Fireswirl has built an extensive online marketing knowledge base. With our consumer behavior analysis system, brand owners can predict the demography of their target customers. The system is used in maintaining customer relationship, up-selling products and services to existing customers, as well as building marketing campaigns for highly targeting groups of new customers in the market.

Effective Marketing Solution
Fireswirl provides effective and cost-optimized e-marketing solution to its partners and clients. China is a highly competitive market, and e-marketing is essential for brand owners who wish to obtain sustainable sales growth and create brand recognition.

Fireswirl is highly experienced in online marketing in China. Our proven methodology and established advertising network has enabled many of our brand partners to enjoy continuous sales growth and productive brand exposure.

Fireswirl Channel Management in China
Fireswirl helps brand-owners to management online sales channels in China to maximize sales and brand exposure in the competitive e-commerce market.

In land-based retailing, sales of branded products would go different retail tiers, such as flagship stores, franchise stores, consignment counters and discount outlets. In the e-commerce world of China, products could be sold through the official online store, branded stores in major retail marketplaces, affiliate online retailers and other online channels.

Fireswirl has an extensive network of online retail channels and has its system integrated with major online malls, such as Taobao Mall. We help brand owners to open up and manage these online channels in order to optimize distribution and to cover different product categories, price segments and sales cycles.

Fireswirl e-Commerce Platform also provide an integrated view to the brand owner to manage all Internet sales channels within a single online console.

Consumer Engagement
Consumer engagement is an important part of Fireswirl’s service offering. Fireswirl’s e-commerce system has built-in customer forum, product support community feature and customer referral module.

By making use of these consumer engagement tools together with the implementation of Firesiwrl’s methodology, brand-owner can continuously strengthen consumer engagement and brand loyalty within its e-commerce store. Through a well-defined process, brand-owners can convert potential customers into buyers, and gradually turn them into opinion leaders that drive other customers to the brand.

88 Tenth Street
Suite 207
New Westminster, British Columbia V3M 6H8
Phone:  (604) 540-8805
Fax:  (604) 677-6613
Website:  www.fireswirl.com
Email:  info@fireswirl.com
Upper Management: 
Mr. Dale Peterson, President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Tony Lau, Chief Technology Officer & Interim CFO

Additional Information
Date Established:  December, 1999

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FireSwirl – electronic&mobile commerce solutions to the iGaming industry
Posted Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

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