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GioiaSystems – poker gaming system to the iGaming industry

What we do:
■Gioia Systems LLC Provides the world’s only fully scalable automated real card dealing system for online game play.

■When the integrity of your online game calls for an auditable solution, a Random Number Generator simply won’t cut it, because it CAN’T. This is the reason national and state lotteries use real objects for their drawings instead of a RNG.

Imagine the winning lottery numbers being 1,2,3,4,5,6.  Would you call for a audit of the results…? Of course you would.
Now since you used physical objects for the random draw of the lottery balls, you CAN audit the results. In fact, a quote taken from the Powerball website states,
“The results of drawings are not official until they are audited by the accounting firm LWBJ, LLP.”

■Imagine playing online poker and being dealt four kings on the flop and then losing to four aces… would you question that…?  Could you question it…?

If the cards were dealt from a Random Number Generator, the answer is NO! The results of an RNG CANNOT be audited. With the Gioia Systems patented Game Check™ technology, you CAN have a post game audit of EVERY hand played!

Who are we:
■Gioia Systems LLC was established in 2005 for one reason… 
To deliver a fair game of poker online with auditable results of every hand dealt.

■Founder and Inventor Gene Gioia, (pronounced joy-a), set out to build a machine that would eliminate the need for a Random Number Generator, and deliver real decks of cards in an online environment.  Through extensive testing of several prototypes over the years, the R&D team received three patents on its system architecture and dealing system, along with 4 more pending from the USPTO.

We set out to do what ‘they’ said could not be done, and that was to build a system that uses real cards for online poker rooms, and provide an audit trail for every hand that is dealt online.

■The end users of online poker rooms that use our system say there is a noticeable difference in the hands they are deal.  It more closely resembles live poker, because it is played with real cards and not an RNG

Why we do it:
Why we do it?. The simple answer: To ensure the fairness and integrity of online gaming.

The in-depth answer: We set out to prove it was possible to deliver real cards to an online gaming environment and provide results that can be audited back to a video tape of a deal and a complete set of data records verifying the results. To do this, let’s compare two methods of delivering cards to a poker table.

How a Random Number Generator works…

From the inception of online casino gaming in the mid 90’s, the random number generator (RNG) was the only solution that was capable of producing random results in casino games. It is easy enough to produce an RNG that can have a predetermined payout of Slot machine for example, or the randomness of the roll of the dice, or the spin of a roulette wheel, because those games have a particular hold percentage in mind, and the casino sets the RNG to adhere to that percentage.

Using an RNG with a game like poker where a deck of 52 cards is used however, it’s far more difficult than that. In fact there is not enough computing power on earth to store every possible combination of a 52 card deck. To give you some idea of the complexity, let’s first think of the total number of combinations of a 52 card deck. The number is 52! (that’s 52 factorial, or 52x51x50x49…) and the result is

80,658,175,170,943,900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
… or 80 duovigintillion.
How big is that number? If every living human being on earth, (6 Billion) shuffled 1000 deck of cards every second of their lives, and each person lived to be 100 years old, you would still not get to 1/1000 of 1% of the total number of possible combinations. In fact the number would be 18,934,155,600,000,000,000,000

6,000,000,000 x 1000 x 31,556,926* x 100 = 18,934,155,600,000,000,000,000

*1 year = 31 556 926 seconds

OK, now that you are in outer space thinking about those numbers, let’s bring you back to reality and show you how a RNG works when it attempts to deal a hand of poker. This is best explained through this visual demonstration:

As you can see, the way a RNG works is by selecting cards from the overall pool of 52 cards, and then determining if it has used that card already, and if it did, that selection is discarded, and it goes and gets another one. Strange but true. This is NOT how the real world works, nor should it.

So the question is… If you could use real cards to determine the results of your online poker game, would you?

How it works:
First, we’ve built a patented automated system that scrambles, shuffles and deals real decks of cards that creates a video and data record capture of every deal. The results are then digitized and delivered through our proprietary reshuffling matrix to deliver the scalability needed. We can deliver as many hands of online poker that are currently being dealt today.

Do we need 10,000 machines? No. So how do we do it?

First let’s examine what it means to have a random deck of cards…

If you meet with your friends to play some poker, you will first start with verifying that the deck of cards you are about to use contains all 52 cards, and is comprised of Ace through King in all four suits. Then you will turn the cards face down and perform a wash, (or scramble) of the cards to mix them up, followed by a shuffle, and finally a cut of the deck. Then you have a completely random deck of cards, no one knows the order of those cards, and now you are ready for a fair game of poker.

Follow me here…

Now let’s say you have that 52 card random deck of cards in your hand, and laid them out face down on a glass table without revealing the values of the cards, but had a video camera under the table to record the values and their positions in order from 1 to 52. Then you resequenced the order of each card but remembered the original order they were in… Still with me?

Meaning for example, you took the 34th card in your originally shuffled “Master Deck” and put it in position 1 to start the creation of another deck. Then you took card number 45 from your original shuffled deck and placed it as number 2 in that second deck you started to create. Followed by the 41st card now holding position 3 in your new resequenced deck, and continued this until you have a completed deck of all 52 cards, but still did not know the face values of any of the cards…

OK, I’m sure you are scratching your head saying “huh”…but let me try to clarify…
So you started with a randomly shuffled deck of cards, and put them in completely different order from one of the 80 duovigintillion and again, still never knowing the face value of the cards, and it all tracks back to the originally shuffled deck.

You can now reveal the face value of your master deck through the video and digital file, thus revealing the values of the “Child Deck” you’ve created. So you have one physical shuffle of a verified 52 card deck and one digital shuffle of that same deck.

Now here is where we use computers for what they are good at… computing.

As explained on the Why We Do It page, the total number of possible combinations of a deck of cards is a huge number. 52! (that’s 52 factorial, or 52x51x50x49…), and as such, it is safe to bet that in the history of time since cards were invented in the 1500’s, a deck of cards that have been randomly shuffled, has never been dealt the same way twice.

That being said, we take several thousand of the 80 duovigintillion possible combinations in our digital re-shuffler for each master deck physically shuffled deck in our Cut N Shuffle™ system to create as many child decks as needed.

A couple of things worth noting. The master deck is never delivered to a table, only the digitally shuffled decks. No table is ever dealt two hands from the same Master Deck / set of Child Decks.

In order to replicate exactly what happens in a live poker environment, in addition to the cut function, the system employs the use of burn cards.

Gioia Systems, LLC
5480 W. 60th Ave
Unit A
Arvada, CO 80003

Phone: 303-288-6332

Email: info@gioiasystems.com

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GioiaSystems – poker gaming system to the iGaming industry
Posted Monday, November 22nd, 2010

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