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HopOn – electronics manufacturer to the iGaming industry

Hop-on, Inc. (HPNN.PK) is a leading international manufacturer of electronics. Since the company’s inception, it has been known for developing the world’s first $10.00 disposable cell phone. Hop-on remains one of the few U.S. based manufacturers of cellular technology. The Company currently develops and manufactures electronic cigarettes and cigars for distributors throughout the U.S. and internationally. Hop-on also offers multi-media services and licensing abilities for casino wagering in real time via cell phones and PDA’s. Hop-on has secured licensing agreements from essential patent holders for GSM, CDMA and WIFI technologies to secure and diversify their business ventures.

Our mission is to build quality products efficiently, utilizing our contract manufacturing abilities, establish multiple brands, race to market and focus on details.

Through our already established and new channels of distribution, Hop-on will provide quality products, anticipate the future of electronics and promote health awareness. The Company will protect the Intellectual Property by creating a portfolio of patents and trademarks around the technology.

Our goal is to provide the best products with the greatest service possible while remaining focused on the bottom line for the Company and shareholders.

2222 Michelson Drive
Suite 182
Irvine, California 92612
Phone:  (949) 756-9008
Fax:  (949) 756-9054
Website:  www.hop-on.com
Email:  contact@hop-on.com

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HopOn – electronics manufacturer to the iGaming industry
Posted Thursday, November 18th, 2010

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