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We provide flexibile and customised hosting solutions, ranging from shared web site and email hosting to dedicated servers, gaming servers, enterprise-level servers and un-metered bandwidth servers and much more.

 Private Racks

Available in quarter, half or full-capacity private racks, this option provides you with full control and privacy on your hardware. Ideal for gaming companies or large-scale enterprise deployments where security, flexibility and customization are essential.

 Load Balancing Solutions

Evenly distributes data, processing or transactions across all server resources, allowing your setup to grow as your capacity needs to expand. Incoming requests or transactions are automatically evenly distributed across two or more server to ensure high performance. This option is targeted for medium to large size businesses that experience periodic traffic spikes and require consistent, reliable and predictable application access.

 Disaster Recovery

A proactive disaster recovery plan reduces or eliminates the risks and interruptions to your e-commerce sites or network applications significantly through operational assessments, disruption impact analysis and swift recovery processes. We can help you design and implement a sound business continuity plan to recover key business data quickly and efficiently through Storage Resiliency and Rapid Recovery of Data if a disaster destroys your primary site or renders it inoperable.

 Business Continuity

The setup of fault tolerant IT infrastructure, replication and clustering technologies can help support continuous application processing in the event of an unplanned outage such as server failures or power outages. This scenario is ideal for organisations that need to ensure 100% availability of mission critical Business Applications, Data and Systems. We can help you with the deployment of an ideal solution for your requirements that integrates multiple technologies together and automates the replication of data, while monitoring and maintaining the availability of all systems.

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Posted Thursday, November 18th, 2010


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