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Ideaturf business consulting, marketing and tradeshow managment in the iGaming industry

iDeaTurf Consulting is a full service business consulting, integrated marketing and tradeshows management company based in Riga, Latvia. We leverage business intelligence and client objectives to bring not just results but added value. Visit http://www.ideaturf.com or http://tradeshows.ideaturf.com

Trade Shows and Conferences: Full service exhibitions management
Brochures & Marketing Collateral design & print Exhibitions Stand design Logistics Exhibition stand Management Storage

Consulting: Systems and business consulting

Advertising and Marketing: Online media advertising

31-e Daugavgrivas Street
Riga, Riga 1007
Phone:   +371 271 03807127103800
Website:  www.ideaturf.com
Email:  info@ideaturf.com

Additional Information
Date Established:  February, 2010

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