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Idology – identity verification in the iGaming industry

The most important thing to know about us is to understand what we do. IDology, Inc provides real-time technology solutions that verify an individual’s identity and age for anyone conducting business on the Internet. What makes us different is that we do this in a way that builds more confidence with your customers – by protecting sensitive data and promoting consumer privacy.

Designed with consumer protection in mind, our proprietary product ExpectID validates an individual without requiring personal information such as a social security number. And our industry-leading ExpectID Age confirms someone’s age in customer not present environments.

All of our solutions help keep transactions moving forward without it being labor intensive for your business. IDology’s technology is so advanced that we are able to provide more than simple pass/fail rates. Our results inform you what in the data record checks out and what doesn’t. Using our advanced rules-based technology, you can react to the situation at hand either by approving the transaction, enabling knowledge-based authentication questions, changing criteria settings, or asking someone to resubmit their information.

IDology Corporate Facts:
•We are a private, business-to-business identity verification and age verification solutions provider headquartered in Atlanta, GA with research and development and sales operations throughout the United States
•IDology’s core team has proven experience with several technology companies in various industries such as financial services, retail, security and telecommunications. The company is led by recognized industry leader John Dancu, CEO.
•Our investors are led by Cam Lanier, a distinguished, serial entrepreneur and investor in technology companies
•Our proprietary product, ExpectID has a patent pending process for providing fast, accurate real time results
•ExpectID Age is leading the industry for electronic age verification technology and has been endorsed a premier solution by WineAmerica and the Specialty Wine Retailers Association
•Some of the most well-known brands in the world rely on us to perform seamless identity and age verification of their customers
Corporate Headquarters
280 Interstate North Circle SE
Suite 610
Atlanta, GA 30339

Toll Free:  866-520-1234


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Idology – identity verification in the iGaming industry
Posted Monday, January 3rd, 2011

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