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Intelimax – Poker system & fantasy sports games to the iGaming industry

Over the past 2 years Chaz has built this team of young developers with the single aim of creating a complete full suite of online iGaming products. These products range from a comprehensive multi player poker product to an innovative fantasy sports system to the ability to offer tournaments across all types of games. In addition, as part of our suite of games we will be adding the popular and social game of bingo, an exciting blackjack game, Omaha and Seven Card Stud poker and other gaming and casual games. The commercial and technical umbrella that contains this suite of iGames is called the “InteliGaming Network” (IN). The IN platform essentially houses not only the online games but also controls the back office client administration, user chat, credit control tools and the very important subscription revenue model. All of which are critical components required when delivering a full service suite for online iGaming.

The IN platform is fully developed and now forms the foundation from which new and existing online gaming brands can be developed and integrated within the Intelimax framework. Based on the IN product, Intelimax has completed two exciting solutions that are market ready to address the highly lucrative iGaming market. Although the two products have been developed from the same core technology, they are addressing the iGaming market from opposite ends of the commercial spectrum.

We have developed an integrated comprehensive multi player poker system. Our poker focuses on Texas Hold’em poker and multi table poker tournaments, including the popular Sit & Go style of tournaments. Our poker system has been integrated into Gamboozle.com, Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.

Our poker system works as a network, with many sites funnelling all players back into a single poker environment. This creates the critical mass required to properly operate a functional poker network. The poker system operates on three different revenue models; free, subscription and cash poker.

Subscription Poker
If you have existing traffic that might be along the same demographic of online poker players, you might want to consider adding a product like subscription poker to your system. This model is especially effective if you primarily have US traffic, you are able to directly monetize your existing web traffic.

Free Poker
The free poker system can be used as a conversion tool, to get users to sign up to your website. As a result of the extended time on site, inherent with poker games, advertisers are willing to pay a premium for poker traffic.

Our free poker is easily integrated into any 3rd party website with an existing database of users. Even if you don’t have a user database or the technical ability, we can help you.

Fantasy Sports
Add one of North America’s hottest games to your website, Fantasy Sports. We have developed a unique fantasy sports game where users compete on a weekly basis rather than over a complete season. Every week users can compete in their favourite sport – football, baseball, hockey and basketball.

There are a lot of fantasy sports games available so we decided to take a different approach to the standard season long game. This allows users to compete every week, right until the end of the season. It also allows the web site to collect entrance fees every week rather than just once a season.

Another unique feature is our network approach to fantasy sports. We can maximize your traffic by co-mingling traffic from many websites. The advantage is the appearance of many players and many leagues, encouraging players to join. If you have limited traffic, you may never have the critical mass required to get a fantasy sports system off the ground. We take of this problem for you.

Fantasy Shootouts
In addition to standard weekly games, we are offering a weekly “shootout” style of game. This is much like a traditional tournament style bracket. For example, if 16 players sign up then they will be broken up into groups. As each week is resolved, the top players move on from each group until there is a final winner.

This is a unique feature to fantasy sports that you can only find in the InteliGaming Network

InteliGaming Network
The InteliGaming Network is a white label, subscription based gaming platform. It enables the operator to offer legal gaming products that can be seamlessly integrated into any website.

We call it a network because everything we do, and all of our clients are networked together. This gives the system optimal strength as liquidity is critical in a multi player system. As an operator you can join the IN and from day one you will have players at your tables and in your leagues. This removes a huge barrier to enter this market.

What do we mean by white label?
Well a white label product is a product or service produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as were their own. It allows those who have a loyal brand image with their clients to retain this in a seamless way. White labelling is the most cost effective way and quickest time to market when launching a new product within an existing, powerful brand image.Products

We currently offer a comprehensive multi player poker platform:

•Texas Hold’em Poker
•Multi Table Tournaments
•Sit N Go Tournaments
•We will also be releasing Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo, 5 card stud and 7 card stud
•Player poker levels, handicap tournaments and more.

In addition, we offer a full featured fantasy sports system:

•Coverage of major North American leagues; NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA
•Weekly games for a fast turnover of entrance fees
•Three game types.free league, regular pay leagues and unique .Shootout. style leagues

Harbour Centre
Suite 2320, 555 West Hastings St.
Vancouver BC   V6B 4N4

Phone: 604.742.1111
Toll Free: 1.866.742.1759

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Intelimax – Poker system & fantasy sports games to the iGaming industry
Posted Monday, November 22nd, 2010

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