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iovation – fraud management in the iGaming industry

iovation helps companies know which online visitors to trust in order to reduce fraud, abuse, and protect customers and online communities. We apply the world’s largest database of devices used to access the internet (computers and mobile phones) to determine the level of risk associated with any type of online transaction. Retail, financial, social network and gaming companies query iovation’s reputation database of over 325 million devices more than 5 million times each day. iovation delivers instant recommendations through our SaaS services across multiple points of end-user contact. For more information, visit www.iovation.com/online-casinos.

Stop online criminals with device reputation

iovation ReputationManager 360 has extensive experience protecting the reputation and improving the bottom lines of world-leading financial institutions, including one firm reporting a 321% ROI. Unlike most anti-fraud measures, which look at the user connecting to your site, we go deeper to identify the device being used. Then, checking against a dynamic, device history database over 475 million deep, we deliver a device reputation, exposing negative behaviors and connections, and allowing you to stop criminals early, before any damage is done. What’s more, investigative tools further catch crooks by spotting characteristics consistent with fraud, even on a previously unknown device. By focusing on the device, you can minimize or completely eliminate the window of opportunity on a stolen identity.

Our device reputation service helps minimize:

Credit Card Fraud
Friendly Chargebacks
Account Takeover
Identity Theft
Money Laundering
Abusive Quantities of Accounts

One size never fits all, not for brands, not for banks, not for fighting fraud. You must apply the right level of fraud protection based on what’s at risk — the reputation of your business, losing money to a fraudster, blocking an account takeover attempt or protecting your community.
You need to know who you can trust online without exposing personally identifiable information (PII) or slowing down the user experience. And it takes more than looking at ‘moment in time’ transaction credentials and settings; it requires leveraging the shared experience of online brands that face the same user authentication and verification challenges as you do.

iovation Inc.
111 SW 5th Avenue
Suite 3200
Portland, OR 97204 

Phone: +1 (503) 224-6010
Fax: +1 (503) 224-1581
Email: info@iovation.com Japan InquiriesInfo Innovation Japan Inc.
1-3-6 Kitaaoyama Minato-Ku
Tokyo 107-0061 JAPAN

Phone: +81-3-3470-2239
Email: info@iovj.co.jp

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iovation – fraud management in the iGaming industry
Posted Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

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