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lrLaw – leading business law firm in the iGaming industry

Quality legal representation matters. At Lewis and Roca, it is part of our proud heritage. That is why for over a half century, we have been a leading business law firm in the Southwest. Founded in 1950, we have almost 200 attorneys in offices in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Reno and Silicon Valley. The firm serves a diverse base of local, regional, national and international clients, including some of the world’s largest corporations. In today’s ever-shifting markets, established and emerging companies continue to look to us to provide the solid foundation on which their businesses are built; enhancing and enabling our clients’ success.

Our strength is in the way we think. Successful outcomes depend on skillful preparation for challenges and opportunities. Across our extensive practice areas, we strive to develop sound legal strategies consistent with your objectives. We realize that this endeavor involves a thorough understanding of both the legal and business issues involved. Our attorneys are not just skillful, forward-thinking legal advocates; they are also experienced business professionals.

We have extensive experience across a wide range of disciplines from corporate and securities, to intellectual property, through real estate. We attract and retain the highest caliber legal talent who share our values of integrity, respect, teamwork, accountability and leadership. The foundation of our success is, and will continue to be, the dedication of exceptional attorneys and professional staff.

Every client brings to us unique personalities, sensitivities and preferences. Our goal is to always be cognizant of these differences as we develop relationships and engage in representation. Whether it is the personal, hands-on approach we take in our client interactions, the experienced counsel we provide every step of the way, or the precision with which we craft and present every legal argument, our focus is on attending to your distinctive needs.

For more than 50 years, the standard we set for our firm is to maintain professional excellence in an open environment that is hospitable and welcoming to all people. How do we do this? By recognizing that our core purpose is all about relationships. Being outstanding attorneys helps us attract clients. Being good people helps us build long-standing client relationships.

And while grounded in a rich tradition, we challenge the dated view of what a law firm is and how it operates. By going far beyond just an understanding of legal principles, we redefine the role of attorneys in business. We see the world from our clients’ point of view and empower them with the legal foundation and business foresight to succeed and flourish in an ever-changing corporate climate. This is the essence of quality representation.

Our commitment to excellence is not a hollow tagline or credo. It is much more. It defines our firm and our promise to our clients. We expect nothing less; neither should you.

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Nathalie M. Daum, Director of Marketing

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John Rawicz

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lrLaw – leading business law firm in the iGaming industry

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