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Jaxx’s positive results

Jaxx SE, an iGaming gambling and betting operator behind the MyBet.com, an iGaming online sportsbook revealed their financial results for the first half of 2011 showing a 28% increase in gross revenues to €81.4 million when compared to last year.

Jaxx, also released their gross revenues for the 2nd quarter that also came up positive after suggesting a 24% rise to €39.1 million over last year’s figure.  This result went on to become €189,000, the result for the first 6 months of 2011. This figure was also better than last year’s €599,000.

The revenues from continuing operations for the first half also rose by 12% to €26.9 million. According to Jaxx, this is because in the 2nd quarter, they reported an 11.8%, which was under the result they got in 2010 which was 20%.

Mathias Dahms, Jaxx’s Chief Executive Officer stated that “overall, we can be very satisfied with the performance of our business even though the high number of wins by favourites cost us a lot of money in the second quarter but that is a bookmaker’s risk and it is part of the business.”

“The trend in growth is intact, however, customer values are developing very positively and the company has turned around. All we need now is a sensible regulatory basis for gambling in Germany. And this is very close now; if the state government in Schleswig-Holstein keeps its word and enacts its new law as planned at the end of August. The other states will then have to come to their senses as otherwise they will be unable to share in the positive development in Schleswig-Holstein. We will then see a domino effect.”

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