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LeanderGames – provide&customize games in the iGaming industry

We have all been involved in the gaming industry for quite some time now and ours paths crossed every now and then making us realize that we shared a passion for making games.

That same passion is what made us search for new experiences and gain valuable knowledge by working in the most diverse areas of top companies in the land based gaming industry, as well as online. Eventually, the time to create our own company came and we seized our chance to turn our enthusiasm into tangible games by assembling an experienced and multitasking team.

We invite you to take a look at our games and see how it worked out when our experienced graphic designers, animators, mathematicians, creative producers and developers joined forces and became this fine company called Leander Games.

Our team is based in Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan capital city of Argentina, spicing up the company with an interesting cultural diversity. Graduated from highly prestigious national universities we leaped into the international gaming industry and developed our careers always keeping high quality standards.

We continue to educate and push ourselves to improve and to make innovative and captivating games. Our team works entirely in house to make sure we not only have the individual talents needed, but also the collaboration and union generated by a team spirit.
We have a strong team built in different areas:

•Art, animation and sound effects

Bme Cruz 2217
Office 4
Buenos Aires 1636
Phone:   +54 11 4799-5311
Website:  www.leandergames.com
Email:  info@leandergames.com
Additional Information
Date Established:  February, 2008

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LeanderGames – provide&customize games in the iGaming industry

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