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Malta data centres for eGaming

Since Malta has been providing fundamental hosting and co-location services to the eGaming industry and other industries, many data centres  like telecom operators with their own fibre optic cable, other telecom companies providing internet services and telephony as well as hosting services and other professional data centres were created specifically for the eGaming industry. Lawyers and accountants in Malta have plenty of experience in this sector as well.


Malta offers many advantages to base your operations in, one of them being Malta’s recruitment of staff from overseas and the quality of human resources. The Maltese staff are well known for their strong work ethics, loyalty and high efficiency across all of the eGaming sectors. The remote gaming is fairly new and requires expert knowledge that is still for the most part unavailable in Malta. Because of this, over 50 per cent of employees in the eGaming in Malta are foreign expats that are fascinated by the quick growth of the industry and also the additional value of living on this Mediterranean island. On the other hand, the recruitment specialists and operators in the industry say that Maltese employees of online betting and gaming companies have demonstrated their ability to learn new skill quickly. This means that they’ll move forward and develop fast in their career and will offer their employees the loyalty they need and also reduces employee turnover and also adds massive value to the company.


When you consider territory, population and economy Malta is obviously the smallest state member in the European Union, but because of its location being close to the European Mainland, its EU-compliant legal system and by being multi lingual and also having skillful workforce have made the island an interesting and effective base for international business. Malta has changed itself into a service economy over the last twenty years and developed a focus point in ICT and knowledge based industries. The island also nicknamed itself as the ‘Smart Island’ after winning  a multi-million euro investment from Dubai in which a new IT business park concept  will be built on the island  in these coming years. Because of Remote Gaming, Malta combined its strength and since Malta was among the first countries in the world to legislate and regulate the then nascent industry, Malta benefitted the advantages first hand.

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