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Malta, iGaming and it’s advantages

You may say that life is a gamble and the people are perpetual players. The iGaming industry has been treated differently by different people. Some regulate it, some embrace it and some even monopolise it.

The iGaming environment has always been complex and difficult to regulate due to the fact that when it’s there, it brings with it many new opportunities for both the operators and the players.

Malta is no exception and the way Malta reacted to the iGaming industry was very unique and distinctive. The legislator in Malta opted to direct its energies and focusing on regulation and transparency and intended to generate a clean, safe and a properly regulated market  while trying to avoid focusing too much on restricting or condescending response to the industry.

The success that Malta has made in the iGaming is due to a number of important factors like when Malta joined the European Union, Malta benefitted from the application of common market principles, with the most fundamental of them being the free movement of goods and services it brought. Those who are looking to establish an iGaming business in Malta, they will have some advantages like Malta’s geographical location along with low taxes and official fees make it ideal for them. Since the evolution of the iGaming industry in Malta, Malta has also witnessed a boost in the ICT, Co-Location, Telephony and back office services.

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