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Malta – Renovating the Gaming landscape

Malta is willing to hold it’s position as a tier one eGaming jurisdiction despite even with all the developments within state members of the European Union and all the recent rules of the European Court of Justice. Malta was being proactive and it clearly paid off as Malta managed to attract a large number of players to it’s shores. Malta is under the impression that in the lack of a specific EU mandate, Article 49 (ex Article 43) and Article 56 (ex Article 49) of the EU Treaty should apply which guarantees to other EU companies the privilege to establish themselves in other member states and the freedom to provide a service on another territory of an EU member state. Other member states such as France and Italy introduced a licensed regime and this may appear risky for the industry in Malta, however Malta’s leaders are confident because they are seeing an increase in operators and why they are choosing Malta to manage their international operations.


In some ways, Malta’s success as an egaming jurisdiction is because of the role played by the legislation and strong supervisory regime. They offer a guarded and stable framework in order to carry out the business and add weight to the gaming reputation and gives operators the asset in dealing with banks, financial institutions and investors. LGA’s primary target is also to try and keep the players safe, by guarding them and protecting them from corruption. New concepts were created because of the regulations, with the most vital of these being that that regulations are technology neutral and game neutral, thus surrounding any type of gaming using some sort of distance communication including, digital TV, mobile phone technology, INTERNET or telephone and fax. The regulations are technology neutral and also cover any future developments and provides flexible framework


Since new types of online gaming products were being developed and technical developments have transformed the way of how systems are made, Malta had to acquire the necessary knowledge about remote gaming since 2004 onwards. For some years, operators and service providers requested to update the regulations. According to the industry’s sources, 2011 will be the year that will see some changes carried out. It is being anticipated that operators licensed in other EEA jurisdictions won’t require a license in Malta to be able to host their servers in Malta.  Of course this is under the revised regulations. Better, whatever platform the operators that are licensed in Malta are believed to be able to take on other countries in the European Economic Area as long as these hold a license in the respective jurisdiction. Some changes are being talked about and discussed when it comes to administrative fees currently charged by the LGA.

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