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Malta’s government interested in expanding the iGaming sector

Malta’s Finance Minister Tonio Fenech recently stated that Malta’s government recognises the success of the iGaming in Malta and wants to expand the sector by expanding the iGaming regulatory and licensing regime.

In the latest Malta iGaming Seminar which took place last Thursday, Tonio Fenech stated that the Government’s ‘strict but fair’ approach towards the iGaming in Malta seems to work really well as Malta witness a significant growth in the iGaming industry in the past few years.

Fenech also said that the fact that Malta is always on the list for operators to base themselves in tells you that Malta’s approach is working regardless of the criticism by those who lack the necessary vision. Fenech also revealed some statistic about the iGaming in Malta which showed that Malta currently hosts 290 licensed operators that has more than 3,000 people working for them and 2,700 jobs serve the sector’s needs. The applications that were received by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority broke the record and it has now become clear to everyone that the iGaming industry has become a very important sector for Malta’s economy.

Feench added that the government is interested in expanding the licensing regime in an attempt to expand the iGaming industry in Malta and the European Commission credited this success to Malta’s regulatory system. The EU green papers on gang regulations were welcomed by Fenech as he stated that this could give the operators a unique opportunity to bring feedback on how regulated markets can work.

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