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iVisions Managed Services


Consultancy Services. iVisions Management Consulting helps businesses achieve high performance. Drawing on our groundbreaking research and hands-on experience with high-performance businesses. We deliver insights and puts them into action. With our topline consultant, we provide performance tuning (Web/Database/Storage), Architecture Design, Security Analysis, and various implementation on High Availability, Load balancing and BCP.

Standard Implementation Services. Microsoft Solution Implementation, Red Hat Solution implementation.

Infrastructure Managed Services. Managed Services include infrastructure monitoring, patching, dedicated managed platform, managed network, managed security, managed storage and managed database.

Managed Enterprise Systems
1. Systems maintenance
2. Data Protection and Recovery
3. Centralized Monitoring and reporting

Managed Enterprise Storage
1. Storage maintenance
2. Data Protection and Recovery

Managed Database
1. Database maintenance
2. Data Protection and Recovery

Managed Network Services
1. Network Infrastructure Maintenance
2. Centralized Monitoring and reporting

Managed Security Services
1. Security Infrastructure maintenance
2. Threat Monitoring and reporting

Managed Support Services
1. Centralized 24X7 Servicedesk with Monitoring and reporting
2. Asset and Application management

Data Center Hosting
1. Manage Data Center operations
2.Infrastructure hosting (Co-host & dedicated)

Business Recovery and Continuity
1. Secured remote site for data storage
2. Remote site for disaster recovery

Our team are capable to provide the mentioned services to various Asia cities (esp. Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, etc)


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iVisions Managed Services

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