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Mobenga – helping betting operators in the iGaming industry

Mobenga is a Swedish privately owned company that has developed a set of products that seriously helps the betting operators to extend their business into the mobile channel. With Unwired Sport and Unwired Bet, Mobenga will take the position as a leading provider of mobile sports betting products.

Business idea

Mobenga develops and sells mobile products aimed at the betting industry. The products should for the customers:

1.Recruit new end users.
2.Generate business from within existing customers.
This will be achieved through the combination of cutting edge technology for mobile channels and attractive sports content in a different approach. Together with strong partners on the mobile casino side, Mobenga is able to offer a complete mobile solution to all offline and online gaming and gambling companies.

When we looked into the mobile betting segment, our objectives were to develop a mobile application that provided more than just an additional channel for betting. Therefore, we took a different approach and set out to create something that will make every punter want to stay online all the time, like a stamp to a letter.

This has resulted in a technology that is packaged as two separate products: Unwired Sport and Unwired Bet

Unwired Sport

The Unwired Sport product can be seen as a marketing tool. Through Unwired Sport the betting operator can offer both customers and potential customers a mobile sport service. Unwired sport is comprised of different modules that can be combined to form a specific product according to the needs of the betting operator. The recommended strategy is for the betting operators to then charge non-customers a fair market price for the use of Unwired Sport. If the non customers then become customers of the betting operator they will be offered the use of Unwired Sport for free. This makes Unwired Sport an efficient tool for customer acquisition. We have among others, the following modules:

•Live scores, results and tables – Monitor games, study the latest results, statistics and standings
•Latest news – Publish news/information to your users via our publishing system and/or integrate the news feeds from sport portals and other media companies which you cooperate with.
•Reminder function – Notify users about games soon to start when they have not yet placed a bet
•Market place for downloads – Opportunity to download other mobile applications such as casino and poker games
•Quiz engine – create fun and competitive trivia on different subjects.
Unwired Bet

Unwired Bet is fundamentally the same application as Unwired Sport with the difference being that either one or several betting modules are added. Several different types of betting modules are offered and the Unwired Sport product can automatically, without user intervention, be upgraded to the Unwired Bet application.

No matter whether you want a mobile Sports Book or a mobile Live betting – Unwired Bet integrates onto your platform and leverages the combination of always on line live-scores and notifications together with your live-betting or sports book. We can offer the following modules:

•JAVA-betting – The Java betting is the Rolls Royce mobile betting product and as it has a very good presentation layer it will be a pleasure for the punters to bet. The Java Unwired Bet together with the Java Unwired sport is the best tool in the market today to make your mobile betting strategy successful.
•WAP-betting – WAP-betting is offered as complementary or stand alone product. The combination of java-application, WAP- and SMS-betting secures that your bets are available on every mobile phone platform.
•SMS-betting – SMS-betting is offered as a complementary product to the java-betting or as a stand alone product. SMS-betting is a more low-tech product that is a perfect offer on markets that are not so far ahead on the technology side.
Note that Unwired Bet is not dependent on Unwired Sports and can be used as a stand alone product and serve as an extra channel to your existing sports book and/or live betting application.

To contact Mobenga please use one of the email adresses below or contact one of our offices directly.


General: info@mobenga.com
Sales: sales@mobenga.com


Norra Vallgatan 98
Malmo 200 72

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Mobenga – helping betting operators in the iGaming industry
Posted Thursday, November 25th, 2010

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