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MoneyGamesNetwork – Integrated Gaming Solution to the iGaming industry

Money Games Network – “The Integrated Gaming Solution”. We specialize in superior quality player vs. player skill games for free and real money which can be easily integrated with your software.

We have developed a first of its kind player vs. player skill games network. Our software is cross platform compatible. In addition, our software is also compatible with industry leading browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, AOL and Safari. The games are developed in flash, therefore no download is required. The games are fast with amazing graphics and sound.

Join our network and your visitors can play our games against players from other websites within the network. The games were developed in IFrame so your players will never have to leave your website to play the games. Also, for very popular websites we can create a private network exclusive to their visitors.

If you choose to offer real money games to your players then you will earn extra revenue from the rake of all money games. The house makes money on every game played by taking a percentage of the winnings called “The Rake” just like in poker games. The winnings and rakes are credited instantly to the players and websites seamlessly and securely.

We also supply a sophisticated back-end administration for real time web access to activity reports.

Bello Horizonte
Escazu, San José 10000
Costa Rica
Website:  www.moneygamesnetwork.com
Email:  info@games4money.com
Upper Management: 
Mr. Ben Williams, President
Additional Information
Date Established:  July, 2007
Parent Company:  G 4 Money Holdings S.A.

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MoneyGamesNetwork – Integrated Gaming Solution to the iGaming industry
Posted Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

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