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NetVigilance – security risk management solutions in the iGaming industry

netVigilance is the leader in network vulnerability assessment (NVA); delivering corporate information security solutions to meet the heightened demand for compliance, risk identification and remediation. Our unique technology and 24/7 service and support provide superior network security and customer assurance. The netVigilance Windows-based solution finds vulnerabilities on all kinds of platforms including Apple, Cisco and Linux.

netVigilance ensures risk management / risk assessment solutions for Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm Leach Bliley, Basel II as well as compliance testing for computer network security.

Our SecureScout™ vulnerability scanner software and services enable corporations to perform vulnerability assessment, testing, intrusion detection, scanning and remediation in a well defined workflow with the highest return on investment (ROI). The SecureScout Easybox™ scanning appliance employs the same state-of-the-art network vulnerability assessment technology as SecureScout; uncovering the highest level of network intrusion detection and port scan technology while delivering the most comprehensive report generation. The dedicated internet appliance delivers increased performance, ease of maintenance and security.

netVigilance is the fastest growing vulnerability detection and assessment company, because it goes Beyond Compliance to identify and detect up to 97% of common network vulnerabilities, far more than any competitor. Among security companies, only netVigilance:

• Focuses exclusively on solutions for Network Vulnerability Detection and Assessment, including PCI Compliance.

• Automatically produces robust reports that describe how to fix discovered vulnerabilities, saving its customers tens of thousands of dollars per year in time and effort that competitive solutions require.

• Has an extremely low false positive rate, enabling you to focus your resources on fixing actual vulnerabilities.

netVigilance is an active member of the PCI ASV Task Force and the CVSS SIG under first.org, where we are a leader in industry efforts to improve these key standards.

netVigilance, Inc.
Silicon Valley, Ca, USA
(+1) 650 265 4390
info at netVigilance com

EMEA Sales
London, UK
+44 (0) 845 625 7500
sales at netVigilance com

Kings Park, NY, USA 11754
(+1) 631 361 4870
support at netvigilance com

N. Amer Sales
Silicon Valley, CA, USA
(+1) 925 803 5848
sales at netVigilance com

APAC Sales
Silicon Valley, CA
(+1) 925 803 5848
sales at netVigilance com

Mailing Address
netVigilance, Inc.
14525 SW Millikan #34423
Beaverton, OR, USA 97005-2343
(+1) 503-524-5758
Fax: (+1) 503 214 8612
info at netVigilance com

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NetVigilance – security risk management solutions in the iGaming industry
Posted Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

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