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NexusGuard – IT security to the iGaming industry

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a daily threat to enterprises today. From crippling latency to complete denial of service, DDoS’s impact on businesses cannot be ignored. Attacks may lead to a tremendous loss of revenue, customers and goodwill, and, perhaps the worst, the insalvagable loss of reputation.

Businesses put themselves in the DDoS-attacker’s crosshairs when they are wholly unprepared for attacks, or because the need for specialized infrastructure and committed bandwidth to protect themselves is too expensive. The financial costs for post-attack recovery can be staggering, even without taking into account the huge blow to reputation. Entire networks have been disabled by DDoS attacks; for reasons such as competitor instigation, not wanting to put a burden on OPEX and CAPEX to set up defenses, and/or the complexity/variations of attack.

Effective DDoS defense require a robust and dynamic detection and mitigation solution which allows for both proxy and tunnel provisioning.
Nexusguard offers global DDoS scrubbing and clean pipe services. Based in Hong Kong, Nexusguard offers the advantage of proximity to our customers in the Asia Pacific region. Being Asia Pacific’s premier DDoS mitigation and cleaning centre, customers in the region recognize that our proximity provides for better service quality and significantly lower latencies.

We can shoulder up to Layer-7 multi-gigabit DDoS attacks, providing clean pipe solutions to customers without noticeable presence, footprint or delay.


Nexus Guard Limited
Suite 1602, 16/F, Nina Tower 2
8 Yeung Uk Rd, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
+852 35260626 contact@nexusguard.com

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NexusGuard – IT security to the iGaming industry
Posted Monday, December 20th, 2010

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