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Nit d.o.o – gaming solutions to the iGaming industry

NIT d.o.o. is a rapidly growing company of experts who form a homogenous team with a clear vision and the know-how to be competent in contemporary gaming/gambling information technologies.
Our goal is to provide reliable and secure systems to our respected customers and to become one of the best in our business.

Professionals with years of experience in:
. land based gaming / gambling
. online (internet) gaming / gambling
. transactions & security
. gaming design and development
and other IT, business and design operations
. Key individials with industry know-how, age between 30 and 50
. Specialists in SW and game development
. Partners with experts in payment processing
The competition and increasingly complex and specialized solutions dictate the modern approaches for fulfilling the business goals of the companies. We wish to help our customers to increase the efficiency and to augment the added value on the employee. The concept of our services enables our customers to focus on the field and business they know and master. 
Customer support 
In the framework of complete solutions, we offer fully equipped customer support to our affiliates with operators who master several languages. In the framework of services, we can ensure the services of answering machines in several languages and free call numbers (classic or IP telephony) with telecommunication operators. 
Servers and maintenance 
Maintenance of IT solution represents the important regular expense to the company and can hide a great deal of overall expense of the ownership (TCO, Total Cost of Ownership) of IT solution. With consolidation of IT systems and efficient centralization of management and control, we enable as low maintenance costs as possible. With approach of dividing the work we will help you to lower your maintenance costs.
Building the quality and efficient team that will master the information systems and adapt them in time, complement them and assure their undisturbed activity, is a great challenge.  Our experience and our team are efficiently going to help you doing this. Your experts should do the right business and share their way with us, which is going to bring you to even greater success.
In today’s competitive world every hour of cutout from business can be lethal for positive business. Our service is going to ensure you the continuous activity of information systems and by that, provide that your business will be smooth and without any unnecessary interruptions.
Qualified team of developers and modelers enables quality and fast completion of existing products as well as development of new solutions. The environments in which we can offer our solutions are:

Microsoft environments (C++, C#, VB and similar)
Java, Java script, php
Adobe Flash and similar
Smartinska Cesta 106
Ljubljana, Ljubljana 1000
Phone:   +386 1 600-44-40
Fax:   +386 1 600-44-49
Website:  www.nit.si
Email:  info@nit.si

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Nit d.o.o – gaming solutions to the iGaming industry

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