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NumbersPlay – mobile, casino&lottery software to the iGaming industry

Numbers Play Hungary Ltd. was founded in Hungary as of 1st July 2009 with 7 founding members, following preparatory works of several years.

The main objective of our company is to create the products of Kabala 6 gambling project and launch them in the international market by licensing them to already operating gaming operators holding valid licenses and state-owned lottery corporations.

We offer the products of Kabala 6 game system ensuring exceptional revenue potential to those players of the gambling industry who are open to innovations. Our future partners include i-gaming portals, lottery corporations, phone operators, casinos, slot machine manufacturers and operators.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments: numbersplay@numbersplay.hu.

Company Data

Company name: Numbers Play Hungary Kft.

Company name in English: Numbers Play Hungary Ltd.

Seat: H-1072 Budapest, Rákóczi út 42. (Hungary)

Founding capital: HUF 30 million

Statistical number: 14821950-7740-113-01

Tax number: 14821950-2-43

European Community tax number: HU14821950

Company registration number: 01-09-921247

Why choose Kabala 6 game system

• With a radically new prize pool generation method, Kabala 6 offers 63 winning classes to players and even 1 hit can pay.

• 63 prize chances offered in the current version can be optionally split up and prize classes can be redesigned as required. Kabala 6 game offers 41 low-value prizes and 22 “core hit” prizes. The possibility of many prizes advances player retention and fosters revenue growth.

• Applying a unique algorithm offers unlimited potentials for development to operators in order to retain players and boost the volume of bets.

• Players can bet on 3 different stakes; a separate Jackpot base is accumulated for each stake.

• With an innovative application of parallel accumulating Jackpots, even the lowest stake can yield a high prize.

• With “Kabala 6 advisor”, operators offer an easy-to-manage, special database and a history of winning numbers to players.

• The course of the game and the betting process is easy to understand for any player.

• Interactive: in addition to luck, creativity and combinatory skills play a role in the game; if played continuously, the chance to win increases.

• We have minimized the market risk for operators by having carried out nearly 3.2 million bets involving 3500 test players throughout Europe during the development of the game, in addition to more than 7.8 million computer tests, and the game has been redesigned according to the test players’ responses.

• Despite ensuring an exceptionally wide range of prizes, Kabala 6 game can be operated profitably. Our game yields outstanding revenues and profits for operators.

• It meets all regulatory requirements in case of any operator worldwide.

• Future operators are provided with a firm lgal protection for distributing Kabala 6 game.

• As a first mover, you can launch and offer the new game of the 21st century to a wide  player base ahead of your rivals.

Fehevari Ut.21 / A / 7 / 25
Phone:   +36 70 638 5540
Website:  www.numbersplay.hu
Email:  numbersplay@numbersplay.hu
Upper Management: 
Mr. Laszlo Barta, Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Andrea Szabados, Office Manager

Useful Information

NumbersPlay – mobile, casino&lottery software to the iGaming industry

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