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ParsPro – online betting solutions to the iGaming industry

Parspro is a leading provider of full-service betting systems and related products for organisations operating, or planning to operate, on an electronic media platform.

Working at the forefront of Web-based technology, we are committed to furnishing our customers, regardless of location, with the complete set of technology, tools and services required to enable them to provide a first-class on-line gaming experience.

To achieve this aim, we continually strive to develop innovative and attractive solutions designed to increase value for our customers and enable them to grow and expand their business in a secure and reliable environment.

Established in 2000, Parspro is a leading provider of complete on-line betting systems and related services for organisations that operate — or plan to operate — betting services on an electronic media platform.

Through its founder and chief executive Sigurdur Baldursson, Parspro traces its roots back to the early 1990s, when he served as managing director of Iceland’s state betting organisation.During his tenure Baldursson established the organisation as a European leader in the use of PC technology for betting services, overseeing, among other things, the creation of one of the world’s first on-line sports books for use at the 1995 World Handball Championship.

The Parspro management team consists of a group of experienced industry professionals who are only too aware that success in the highly competitive world of online betting depends not only on identifying and implementing best-of-breed software, but also on an interlocking mesh of factors such as hardware, odds management, games creation, online processing, security, probability management, reporting and profit management.

To meet these needs, Parspro has developed an innovative, ready-to-run sports betting system that provides users with all the elements necessary to operate an online betting site, including software, secure, state-of-the art hosting, and a full range of support and ancillary services.Cost-effective and easy to implement, the company’s flexible range of lease and service packages provides Parspro customers with a broad range of options specifically tailored to suit the size and scale of their operation.

The synergy created by this close client relationship maximises the strengths of all the parties involved, while leaving customers free to focus on their core business of establishing an on-line presence and developing and marketing their websites and services.

Phone / Fax / Mobile / Skype:
Office: +354 511 3711
Fax: +354 511 3712
Mobile (Thorvar): +354 692 3331
Skype: parspro.com
.Telephone meetings:
Main meeting room (online demos)

direct line: +354-568-3711

Option 1
ConCall: +354 755 7755
Conference number:  511-3711

Option 2
ConCall: +354-757-5000
Number:   568-3711#
Pin:         1234#

Meeting room 2
direct line: +354-581-3712

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