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Passpoker and OpenBet’s deal

Passpoker.com, an iGaming real-time poker-style website has signed a seal with OpenBet Technologies, an iGaming betting specialist that will see Passpoker.com’s poker offering being integrated into OpenBet’s Remote Gaming interface.

Stuart Carr, Viv Anderson, a former football English player and his team had launched Passpoker.com in 2010 after working on it for two years. Passpoker.com’s participants are placed into a ten-seat tables and are awarded points on certain things that happen in a game like a goal,a  free-kick, a throw-in an ace or double fault in tennis or a six during cricket.

The new game from Passpoker, the parent firm can also be played in a similar style where incidents are involved. That way, it attracts a global audience with Match of the Day and Coronation Street the first to be made available.

According to Passpoker, they can now integrate all their offerings and innovations to all of OpenBet’s betting and iGaming customers all around the world and will also enable operators by utilising their incident-based and non-skill game in order to boost their in-play offering.

Stuart Carr, Passpoker’s Chief Executive Officer stated that “integrating to OpenBet is a vital development for Passoker.com.”

“It is the leading iGaming platform provider so this partnership presents us with a huge opportunity to increase the supply of the Passoker.com product to operators around the world.”

While Max Francis, OpenBet’s Commercial Partner stated that “with Passoker’s strong sporting connections and innovative gaming product, we are confident it will appeal to our customers and boost their in-play offering.”

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