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PokerBility – real time professional advice in the iGaming industry

Pokerbility was developed by Advice Network Ltd., by a group of software engineers with the close consultancy of leading poker players from around the world. 
The objective of the software is to provide poker players of all levels with an easy-to-use, real-time hand odds calculator to enhance their poker skills.


Many applications for playing online poker can be found on the net. These applications allow users to play online poker against other users around the globe. Online poker games can be played just for fun using play money or more professionally using real money. The most popular and widespread poker game in the world is the Texas Hold’em poker game. Like in other poker games, it is all about odds, probabilities and the ability to “understand” the other players’ actions. When it comes to playing online poker, since the player is not sitting in front of the other players, the importance of odds and probability calculations abilities is much higher. The Texas Hold’em poker game is very easy to learn and understand but difficult to master.

The Technology

Pokerbility was developed with the distinct objective of providing real-time, professional advice for poker players, based on the patent-pending CombiCalc™ hands odds calculation technology. This advice includes the rank, odds, and probabilities, and is calculated using combinations, permutations, and simulation calculations. All of the above is provided automatically and transparently, with no intervention needed by the user.

Most existing poker hand ranking applications use game simulations, hard coded statistic figures or ranking based on hand history to output the hand rank and odds. This way perhaps is fast at times, but is a less accurate calculation. At the late game stages there is no way to escape the use of game simulations since there are too many possible combinations but at the early game stages, combinations and permutations can be used in order to calculate odds, rank and probabilities in a more accurate way.

Pokerbility has developed this process, combining the above technologies to provide a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use application that allows poker players to improve and master the game of poker.


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. Affiliates – affiliates@pokerbility.com
. Marketing – marketing@pokerbility.com

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PokerBility – real time professional advice in the iGaming industry
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Posted Monday, December 27th, 2010

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