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ProActiveGaming – Advanced solutions for the iGaming industry

Proactive Gaming is proud to offer an extensive high-quality gaming portfolio with a wide array of poker games including; Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Five Card Stud, Badugi, Five Card Draw, Razz, 32-Card Poker and Telesina.

Proactive Gaming is developing advanced software solutions for online betting with a specific focus on enhancement of the player’s overall gaming experience. With the finest level of graphic details, our software enables players to create their own animated characters in a virtual world environment, all in 3D!

A selection of products:
•2D and 3D poker in multiple languages and currencies
•Back office management tools in multiple languages
•Comprehensive easy to manage Affiliate system
•API connecting the system with any third-party gaming system and/or website

Proactive Gaming provides front- and backend poker software via licenses to its clients. Poker is all about profitability and growth. Proactive Gaming’s innovate, scalable and secure software enables operators to expand their current product portfolio. Adding a state-of-the-art 3D poker as well as a multitude of poker games, offer our clients a cost efficient strategy to increase a competitive edge.

Our most important objective is to grow faster than the market.

Profitable Clients
Proactive Gaming’s software solutions stimulate territorial growth through localization. We are extremely focused on tending to each individual clients specific needs in building long-term relationships and profitable partnerships. At Proactive Gaming, we are always keen to evaluate potential partnerships that will leverage current business models even further. An efficient partnership equals high profitability.

Always in the front
Proactive Gaming employs 15 seasoned gaming professionals and operates out Norrköping, Sweden. We constantly screen global gaming market trends and behavioral patterns to ensure that we maintain our position as a forerunner in our segment. The market is growing rapidly and it is vital to Proactive Gaming to be a natural industry benchmark.

Business model
Our business model is simple – Proactive Gaming provides a unique gaming experience. The core is our advanced 3D software which excels the game flow, graphical content and maintains low system requirements, at the same time. Our front-end, as well as our back-end, supports multiple languages.

Proactive Gaming’s offer including a network of partners with an integrated delivery process provides satisfied clients. At Proactive Gaming, we strongly believe that a company should focus on what it does best. Our system allows our clients to focus on marketing and existing players.

Our distribution channels include; exhibitions, recommendations, trade magazines and offer requests.

The global online gaming market estimates vary considerably. The market has experienced rapid growth since its establishment in the 1990s, but remains relatively immature. Within a couple of years the global online gaming market will be at least a 20 billion Euro business. Expected growth regions are Europe, Asia (aggressive growth), Middle East, Africa and Australia.

Proactive Gaming’s vision is to be a Tier 1 provider within the online gaming industry, positioning The Atlantis Network as the top Tier poker network in the world.

Kungsholmsgatan 17 B
Stockholm, Stockholms 112 27
Phone:   +46 708 985 556
Website:  www.proactivegaming.com
Email:  info@proactivegaming.com
Upper Management: 
Mr. Mattias Andersson, Manager
Mr. Johan Nilsson, Marketing and Sales
Mr. Johan Nilsson, Marketing and Sales

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ProActiveGaming – Advanced solutions for the iGaming industry

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