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Probability’s steady NGR increase

Probability, a mobile games expert has announced that its net gaming revenue has been increasing by 45% every year.

Player deposits increases by 82% every year and the NGR figure of£1.613m is also up 9% on the third quarter total (£1.48m).

Probability are also going for an Italian gambling license licence in the light of the publication of the country’s Comunitaria decree in March, while in February it moved its gaming operations from Alderney to Gibraltar.

Monthly fixed operating costs are down by 16% and NGR increased by 15%. These figures were publicized by KPI’s in March 31st  for the full financial year.

CEO Charles Cohen said “encouraging signs for the future”. He also believed that lower operating costs in Gibraltar made growth sustainable. He also commented “As most of our costs are fixed, we expect margins in the core business to increase as revenues grow.”

Probability also revealed that 37% of in-game deposits coming from iPhone and Android users in March, compared to 27% in December. This shows that smartphones were also part of this success.

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