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Prolexic – Network Protection services to the iGaming industry

Prolexic offers class-leading Network Protection Services, globally, and has built a network of people, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and an availability of channel partners to ensure that the most advanced and reliable DDoS mitigation services in the world are easily accessible to online businesses.

Prolexic has been fighting DDoS attacks, implementing “best of breed” practices, and developing its global mitigation network for over seven years.  Prolexic’s experience – as illustrated across its 24/7 global teams – and the proprietary intellectual property embodied in its mitigation platforms – are simply unmatched. Prolexic’s Security Operations Center comprises a staff of mitigation experts who have a combined 50+ years of DDoS monitoring and mitigation experience. This experience grows with each working shift – where Prolexic observes and addresses between 10 and 50 DDoS attack events each day.

We have learned through experience that there is no panacea for the ills of the DDoS problem. No single piece of hardware, software, or technology can mitigate across the range of attacks or address the combination attacks which have become increasingly common in 2009.  Prolexic knows that bandwidth is a critical component of DDoS mitigation – particularly for large flood attacks – which is why we have over 160 Gbps of bandwidth dedicated to the sole purposed of fighting attacks.  However we have also learnt that bandwidth must be globally distributed, with resilient, available scrubbing centers, so that we can attract and drop malicious attack traffic close to the traffic source.

Bandwidth is also just one of the components which make up a viable mitigation strategy. Our mitigation capability is the structured combination of bandwidth, hardware, our own proprietary mitigation and control software and, most importantly, our front line security operations staff. The problem changes too fast and the protection we provide so critical, that we cannot wait for software to be patched by a supplier. Our goal is to keep our clients sites running, and we have invested in our resources and tools so that we can achieve this goal regardless of attack size and complexity.  While we believe that our reputation and capabilities differentiate Prolexic from all other DDoS mitigation solutions, we also show our confidence in our abilities through our robust Service Level Agreements, and even offer a “time to mitigate” SLA that is unique and innovative in this business.

Prolexic Technologies is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida. Our world-class support and engineering teams are based in field offices and network operations centers around the globe, with primary locations in San Jose CA, Miami FL and London England, Hong Kong. Such distribution of our network operations and human resources enables Prolexic to ensure and maximize network availability and redundancy.


Main: +1 (954) 620-6002 (Direct)
Fax: +1 (954) 925-6642 (Direct

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Prolexic – Network Protection services to the iGaming industry
Posted Monday, December 20th, 2010

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