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SafetyCheck – internet blocking software to the iGaming industry

As part of its commitment to social responsibility, Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC) launched a world-first pilot-test of unique Internet content-blocking software in October 2006. The sole function of the software, called SafetyCheck, was to block kids’ access to gambling content on the Internet and it was provided free of charge to more than 250 families in Nova Scotia.

The goal was simple – to find out if this software could help keep kids from gambling after research showed underage youth in Nova Scotia were gambling online three times as much as adults. General internet blocking software was found to be ineffective at blocking gambling sites so SafetyCheck was invented just for that purpose.

As participants in the pilot, parents installed the software on their home computers, used it for six months, and completed two surveys that allowed NSGC to evaluate changes in perceptions, attitudes and behaviours, resulting from use of the software. During the pilot, when a parent installed SafetyCheck on their home computer, they were prompted to set up user accounts for each member of the household. By assigning everyone with a username and password, the blocking feature could be enabled for those users who were underage and disabled for the adult users.

The evaluation results from the pilot were very positive. As a result, NSGC is now offering the SafetyCheck program free to all Nova Scotians as part of its commitment to preventing youth gambling and building the most responsible gambling industry in the world.

Pilot Test Results
Pilot-tested by more than 250 families in Nova Scotia, the software was provided to these families for free by NSGC as part of its commitment to youth gambling prevention. Results from the pilot test were extremely positive:

80% found the software easy to use
88% say they are more aware of the risks of online youth gambling
78% were motivated to talk to their children about the risks of online gambling
92% think SafetyCheck is an effective youth gambling prevention tool
99% believe it is important that NSGC make the software available to Nova Scotian families


Julie Whitehead, Responsible Gambling Officer
(902) 424-8993

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SafetyCheck – internet blocking software to the iGaming industry

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